Monday, June 1, 2015

Travel Log: Day 1

Departure went as planned.  Two stops for fuel (one for us, one for the van) and two bathroom stops only delayed us by an hour.  We've named the Town & Country's onboard navigation system (his name is Moses as he will surely lead us to the promised land, never mind Dad's biblical lesson that Moses never actually made it to his intended destination), and he's been both entertaining and informative.

We started the trip today with reciting of the Complaint Jar Pledge and so far my mom is the only one to have to contribute a dollar for an infraction.  The gastrointestinal unpleasantries of others really brings out the worst in her.

The girls have added three new states to their lists of places visited, and they were unbelievable travelers.  They unwind at rest stops with short walks and gymnastics on the lawn, and the hotel water park was a big hit for letting off nine hours of pent up energy.  As of the end of today, I'd take them anywhere.  They were amazing.

So far here's what I've gathered about South Dakota:  the speed limit is 80 which is awesome, and the smell of cattle is strong.  Tomorrow we watch for some serious change in landscapes as we drive to our cabin in the Black Hills.

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