Sunday, May 31, 2015

Black Hills Or Bust

Tomorrow we head west toward the Black Hills of South Dakota.  The girls, my parents, and me.  I will spend roughly 30 combined hours in a vehicle over the course of six days with these people, straddling the roles of daughter and mother, trying desperately to keep everyone happy and entertained.  I am super pumped.  McKenna is excited.  My mom is optimistic.  Elaina and my dad are entering this trip with guarded realism that it will likely not be all sunshine and roses.  Variety is the spice of life, I guess.

Our first destination is Brandon, South Dakota for an overnight stay to recharge, unwind, and release the pent up energy and frustration that will surely accompany our over eight hour car ride.  We will spend the next day touring the Badlands before settling in to our accommodations in Custer, South Dakota.  The tentative itinerary for our trip has a little something for everyone:  sightseeing at national parks, horseback riding, cave exploration, experiences with nature, and eating pie & burgers at the local award winning establishments.  Will this be a vacation of leisure and relaxation?  Probably not, but I can not wait.  It's time to dust off that old Bucket List and make some things happen!

When my cousin, Krissy, and I traveled with our grandparents up the coast of California and Oregon for two weeks, our mothers sent us with notebooks and instructed us to journal each night so we'd always remember what we did that day.  We thought the idea was pretty lame initially but I'm so glad I have that to look back on - and laugh at - now.  So, naturally, what I am requiring of my own daughters on their longest vacation to date?  Oh, yes, that's right.  Neon pink and neon green journals are packed and ready to be filled.  It's going to be really neat to read their perspectives on our adventure.

In keeping with tradition, I will also attempt to use this space to document our experiences along the way. I've had many people ask if I was going to blog about the trip while we're out there.  Apparently I'm not the only one that predicts this trip will have no shortage of blog worthy moments.

The General will be holding down the fort here while we're gone, working by day and doing home repairs by night while also trying to figure out how to operate McKenna's ChromeBook for a few video chat sessions while we're gone.  We are going to miss him while we are gone, but hopefully our "Dad in a Bag" will help alleviate some of the ache.  Pray for us all.


Anonymous said...

I'm packed!! Here we come....this is the lightest I have ever packed! I will be tired of black pants by the time we get home....I hope I look good for photo shots by the National Monuments! We are adventurous...come on, it can't be anything like the camping trip when we almost got washed away! Anyone reading this, please pray for safe travels! Memories in the making.
Gramma Poke / Mom

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear the stories! Maybe next trip Ella can join!lol


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