Tuesday, April 28, 2015

She’s Going To Need To Improve Significantly If She Plans On Getting Anything Past Me During Her High School Years

Over spring break the girls and I had a little day of pampering before we left for our weekend trip to St. Louis.  Nothing screams “vacation preparation” like a fresh pedicure.  Elaina has a long standing habit of biting her fingernails and picking at her toenails, a habit I will admit she in all likelihood inherited from me.  There’s no way at this point her in life I would spend money to get her a manicure (I might as well just flush that money right down the toilet), but with a little threatening I figured she’d get at least a couple of weeks out of freshly painted toenails.

A couple of days ago I was in the bathroom while the girls were getting ready for school, and I noticed that Elaina’s toenails were suddenly void of any polish.  I didn’t have to ask - I knew she had picked all of the polish off - but I thought I’d see what she had to say as an excuse anyway.

Me:  Hey, what happened to the nail polish on your toes?

Her:  (slight hesitation, mild look of panic) Oh, you know.  I kick really hard at night when I’m sleeping.

Me:  So you’re telling me you kicked off your nail polish?

Her:  Yeah.

Me:  Do you seriously think I’m going to believe that?  That you could kick so hard that all your nail polish would just magically disappear from your nails?

Her:  (silence)

Me:  Did you pick it off?

Her:  (red faced, clearly feeling guilty as all hell) Yeah.

Me:  Don’t ever lie to me about something that ridiculous ever again.

Her:  Okay.

The downside to this exchange is that she lied to me.  The upside?  She’s obviously terrible at deceit which is promising for those teen years I’ve been stressing about.  That’s one skill I don’t mind if she doesn’t fine tune between now and then.

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