Monday, April 13, 2015

Older But Still Unintentionally Funny

One of the things that I'm not used to yet now that the girls are older is that when we are at one of their doctor's visits and the doctor or nurse begins taking their medical history and current complaints, the medical professionals immediately turn to the girls for the report.  I'm still on standby to fill in specific details, but for the most part it's a conversation that I'm not a major part of.  It feels weird every time it happens, and I have to remind myself to let the girls take the lead and sit quietly until I'm asked any direct questions.

This afternoon, McKenna had a dermatologist appointment for a lingering cracked/peeling skin issue on her finger and foot.  I've always felt like eczema was the culprit and the pediatrician confirmed that diagnosis, but I thought an expert's opinion was probably for the best especially since it hasn't cleared up completely after months of treatment.  The nurse began taking McKenna's history, and I was determined to sit quietly as McKenna took control of her medical history.

Nurse:  So McKenna, what brings you in today?
McKenna:  (looking up at the ceiling with a look of mild uncertainty) Well . . . I think that I might have emphysema.
Nurse:  *laughing* Emphysema?  Oh, that's funny.
Me:  McKenna, if you have emphysema then we are at the wrong specialist.
McKenna:  Well, I thought that's what it was called!
Me:  It's called eczema.  Emphysema is a chronic lung condition caused by smoking.
McKenna:  (looking alarmed and very embarrassed) Oh, yeah.  I don't have that.

The story was repeated when the dermatologist came in, and she acted like that was the cutest thing she's ever heard in her office. 

So, in summary, here are a few things I learned from today's visit:
  1. McKenna does, in fact, have eczema and her skin care routine just got a lot more high maintenance and more expensive.
  2. The mole she was born with is one of the "good guys" and can stay.
  3. She's growing up, but she's not quite ready to independently take the reins of her medical care just yet.

2 comments: said...

It's been a while since I've been by to say hi but I'm so amazed at how big your girls have gotten! It's weird how quickly other people's children seem to grow when we can't see it in our own. I'm glad I found your link again! :) Michelle (formerly Pass the Flu Bug Please) :)

Relish said...

Thank you McKenna for bringing a smile to the face of several college students this evening.


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