Wednesday, December 3, 2014

An Introduction

It's taken me almost two weeks to blog about her, but believe me when I say that's not for lack of her occupying my thoughts almost constantly since the first time I laid my eyes on her gorgeous little face. Prepare to fall in love.

Oakleigh Paige
born November 21st 
7 pounds 5 ounces
100% precious

Oakleigh has made me an aunt for the thirteenth time; she has expanded the size of my heart once again and nestled her way right in among all of the nieces and nephews born before her.  She is soft, and beautiful, and tiny, and just simply perfection in human form.  I could take in her sweet baby smell and stare at her for hours, holding her close and smothering her head with tiny kisses endlessly. As much as I would love nothing more than to make this a reality, I would never be given the opportunity. She is like a drug and all of her family that surround her are like junkies, jockeying for position to get their next hit.  There is literally not enough of her to go around, and the time you have with her is always too short.  She is simply addicting in the most incredible way.

What is it about babies that turns me into some kind of irrational, obsessed being that is capable of nothing but focusing on their sweetness, making want to have a dozen more of my own? Snuggling little Oak-a-leigh (three syllable name at minimum, according to Star's pronunciation) at Thanksgiving, I went so far as to try to convince The General that we should have one more baby.  I mean, that is a absolutely crazy idea. We say all the time how much easier life is now that the girls are older.  Our girls are self-sufficient and basically take care of themselves at this point.  We can get in the car and go on a moment's notice with little thought or planning.  Why in the world would we dive into the world of diapers and bottles and sleepless nights and teething and nap schedules and toddler tantrums and general insanity again?  Because the magic of Oakleigh is strong, and she convinces me with her little baby sighs that newborns are the most delicious, irresistible creatures ever to inhabit this Earth.  She is intoxicating, and in her presence I am deliriously drunk with her very being to the point where I'm willing to make very questionable decisions.  I'm fairly certain that The General feels I can not be trusted with this baby as her powers consume me.  He is probably right.  I can not be held responsible for my thoughts or actions when holding this little girl.

Oakleigh Paige, our life is already so much fuller with you in it.  As with your brother and cousins, it will be an honor and privilege to be a part of your life from the very beginning and I can not wait to watch you grow into what will no doubt be an incredible human being.  Welcome to the world and thank you for joining our family, little love bug.  We are so happy that you are here.


The Bride said...

She is happy to be here!!! After Thanksgiving she had her own 2 day cousin-hangover from all the holding, loving, and snuggling.

She also apologizes to Uncle General... Her baby scent is fever inducing!!

Tru Stories said...

YES!! You should have another baby!

Hoping to meet the newest any day now!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! Page Turner


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