Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Christmas Roundup

I'm sitting down to write this post just as I've put away the last of the Christmas decorations.  They're still sitting in numerous Rubbermaid containers out in the garage, but from any point in the house I can't see them and to me that means they're put away.  My garage is like Monica's closet - a dirty secret of filth and disorganization. I don't know if it was the mild December weather, the late Thanksgiving, or just the speed of life itself but it seems like Christmas was here and gone faster than ever.

Christmas One:  The Old El Paso

Or first Christmas celebration took place at my mom and dad's house the Sunday before Christmas.  It was a low key event minus the drama that is sure to surface anytime you are in the vicinity of a three year old.  Elaina was ecstaic to receive her second and longed for American Girl doll, and McKenna is anxiously counting down the days until her theater night with Gramma, Papa, and The Beauty and the Beast.  There was also fun with photo props and Minute to Win It games courtesy of my dad's creativity.

Christmas Two:  Christmas Eve at One Carbon Hill

Appetizers as a meal, wine a plenty, snuggle fest with little Oakleigh Paige, and post dinner entertainment courtesy of McKenna on the clarinet, Van on guitar, and Elaina on vocals.  What more could you ask for?

Christmas Three:  To GG's house we go

Christmas morning started with present opening (and an unexpected second round when it was discovered that Santa left/forgot a few of Elaina's presents in the garage) and followed with lunch at GG's house.  I managed to get the whole family to willingly pose for for some Christmas Day photographs before we left, a true Christmas miracle.

As much a tradition as hanging stockings, we've also continued our impressive streak of Christmas illnesses.  True to form, Elaina started complaining of feeling warm and having a sore throat mere minutes after opening her presents from GG.  Both girls were down for the count by early evening, but luckily it appears that it was short lived allowing The General and I to FINALLY attend the Tru Stories Day After Party together.  Good times!

Christmas Four - The General's Family Christmas

Saturday we celebrated the last of our family Christmases.  The kids retreated to the basement and were barely seen (seriously, we had to finally call them upstairs to open presents before they started falling asleep for the night), the food was as always plentiful and delicious, trivia games were played and argued over, and technology was utilized to keep all quarantined family members actively involved.

I was reminded once again how lucky I am to be surrounded by the love and friendship of an incredible family during this Christmas season.  The traditions and memories shared during this time of the year makes all the stress of the season worth it one hundred fold. 

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