Thursday, July 24, 2014

The House of Preteens, Vol. 1

It is official.  We are now a house of two pre-teen girls.  Here were the most recent signs that this transition from a house of princess and make believe to hormones and rock and roll has been made complete:
  • Elaina's current favorite songs:  Talk Dirty to Me and Fancy (not the Poison or Reba versions).  I've become increasingly more proficient in censoring lyrics and the mute button on my steering wheel is getting a serious workout.
  • McKenna and I did a "Mom and Me" day for her birthday this year.  Two hours into our day, while waiting in line at Claire's, I looked over and suddenly realized she was wearing eye shadow.  My comfy clothes wearing girl had surprised me by walking out of her room with several accessories - necklace, watch, earrings, and a bracelet - by the use of makeup floored me.  Most surprising to me was how well executed the application was completed.
  • Elaina's shower routine from start to finish involves at least twice the number of products I have ever used in my lifetime. 
  • McKenna has a specific brand and style of bra that she prefers above others, and of course they come from Justice.  
  • Just five minutes ago there was a serious sister blow-up.  Elaina furiously stormed out her room - the sounds of Shakira blaring in the background and various makeup containers littering the floor - because she asked McKenna to give her a "smokey eye" and had done a terrible job.  Meanwhile, McKenna chased after her sister with perfectly applied red lipstick while I explained that the smokey eye was a tricky thing to master and that under no circumstances should eye shadow EVER be applied onto eyebrows.
In summary, The General and I would appreciate prayers of support and strength as we enter into and navigate our way through this difficult time.


Anonymous said...

This cracks me up! Yep, pre-teen years, you've got to love it! Glad their residency is in Carbon Hill not EP! I've already been through this gig, but not with 2 girls, I 'll just listen to the stories. Love you, Mom/Gramma Poke.

Oh and by the way, you'll make it through this.

Parker 1 said... cracks me up that you asked for support to help you and you no comments (until your mom's)! Normally, you would have all kinds of comments on your blog. But now...crickets! I think everyone is scared for you...

Secondly, I only have one right now, but might be seeking advice and support in 10 years or so!

Anonymous said...

Why do little girls grow up so fast! Try Stories needs to keep an eye on what is happening at your house. Won't be long.....
Page Turner

you can call me Al said...



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