Wednesday, May 21, 2014


He was the first baby boy to enter our world, five weeks early and as wee as could be.  He had no patience to wait to enter this world.  I think he knew even then that adventure was ready for him to discover and he couldn't wait another second to set up exploring.

It didn't take him long to find a best friend, and at only two months old it was apparent to all that deep and unwavering loyalty would be one of his greatest traits.

This little ball of energy - literally in what seemed like the blink of an eye - grew from a boy to a man. Overnight he transformed from a mischievous White Tornado to a mature, responsible, capable young man.

He took over duty as the man of the house when his father was deployed yet he still gives his mom hugs each night before bed, much as he did when he was still holding tight to Teddy and Mickey in each hand.


Tonight he finishes his first nine years of school and turns the corner with high school in his sights. Already there's talk of him stretching his wings and trying new things, seizing opportunities to challenge himself in journeys yet undiscovered.  That is what this time of your life is all about, Ryan. Open your eyes to all that the world has to offer and don't be afraid to take that leap.

We are so proud of you.  We love you, buddy!


Munchkin said...

He's starting to look man like. And i don't like it

Anonymous said... comes Ryan! Congratulations.


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