Monday, October 7, 2013

Happiness: We Own The Night

Tonight is the first night in what seems like forever that none of us had any after work/school obligations.  No appointments.  No after school meetings.  No practices.  Very little homework. 

It is glorious.

So, tonight, these are the things that make me happy:

  1. Having the time (and the desire) to serve my family a legitimate home cooked meal.  It's nothing gourmet, I assure you, but still there's something very comforting about gathering your family around the table to eat food that was prepared from scratch without having to rush.
  2. Movie/TV marathon viewings with The General.  There was one weekend in the first year we were married, back when we still lived in the duplex on Fourth Street, where we never left the house.  In fact, we never left the living room (minus some obvious trips to the bathroom).  We blew up the queen sized air mattress we received as a wedding gift, covered it in blankets and pillows, and settled in for two long days of North and South; we even fell asleep in that same spot when we couldn't handle anymore of the drama for that night.  It's still one of my favorite memories in our eleven years of marriage.   We are almost done with the first season of Breaking Bad, and if I could figure out how to make it happen I would love nothing more than to each call into work, find alternate child care for the girls, and go on a major Netflix and food delivery binge with my guy.  I'm not sure I could talk him into a weekend on an air mattress again, but the sectional would suffice.
  3. Late afternoon walks.  I had planned to go by myself, but I'm happy I let these two talk me into letting them tag along.  It wasn't that long ago I was pushing them down this bike trail in a double stroller.  Now they have to stop to wait for me to catch up.


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite week-ends with my Hubby was when we pulled out the sofa bed and watched high school basketball tournament. We ordered in. We had the most relaxing time. Two days of sofa bed is a bit too much.The Page Turner

Big Boca Bob said...

I am completely jealous of this post. I have no kids (unless you count the two hairy mutts currently hogging all the bed space) and I STILL barely get the chance to have a relaxing night at home with the hubs. I'm thinking a "stay"cation day is in our future! :)


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