Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happiness: Falling For You

When I was little, winter was always my favorite season.  My birthday and Christmas made it a  frontrunner, and bonuses like snow and all the fun that involves made it the obvious winner.  This sentiment started to shift around the time I started driving.  Six years walking to and from class on wide spread college campuses - where "snow day" meant less free day off school and more slipping on ice in the middle of a crowded Quad in front of hundreds of strangers, avoiding the dreaded slush that could ruin a good pair of shoes and your day in an instant, and praying that your car didn't get stuck in the rarely plowed alley - put a major hit on favorite status.  The final nail in the coffin was after McKenna was born.  Trying to get a small child dressed in a bulky coat in and out of a car seat quickly with numb fingers in the middle of a ice storm will kill a relationship quickly.

Summer has been the season of my heart ever since winter and I broke up.  Summer vacations, flexible schedules, lounging by water, tanned skin . . . there's very little I dislike about summer (mosquitoes and humidity being at the top of that list).  However, always lurking in the near distance, is fall.  Typically I despise its beginning because that means summer is finally, officially over.  But once some time has passed, fall starts trying to win me over.  Days like today make it tough not to love it right back.

Today, things that made me happy:

Fuzzy caterpillars, particularly the bronzed colored ones.  They evoke warm memories of elementary school where at lunch we would search for the cutest of all insects between flips on the monkey bars, spider swinging, playing hide and seek in the tires, and games of Red Rover the DGS playground.

The serenity that can only be found on a country road.  Walking solo around the section every now and then is good for my soul.

October skies.  Driving into a setting sun this time of year is brutal, but getting to enjoy it otherwise is a beautiful site to behold.  


Jane Anderson said...

Red Rover - good memory. Do kids even do that anymore?
So glad to have you back. Missed you!!!

Tru Stories said...

You perfectly described walking across a college quad in the snow and slush. My feet hurt just thinking about it.
Welcome back!!


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