Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happiness: Day 5

Today's list of things that made me happy:

  1. Championship parades.  Our 8th grade baseball team brought home a state championship last weekend.  Tonight our town held a pep rally and parade to honor their hard work and dedication which made that victory possible.  Sure those big city championship parades are exciting.  But can you beat the pride felt watching your town's boys - some of whom are former students of mine - waving from a school bus adorned with a "STATE CHAMPS" banner, trailing behind a two car police escort and a leading a long line of parents honking their ever loving minds off?  
  2. Friends you can count on all the time, every time.  We have some of the best in our life and are grateful for them every single day.  Today was just a reminder of how lucky we are.
  3. People who are able to laugh even in moments of misery.  It makes every load lighter.

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