Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happiness: Cheer Competition Edition

I was up before 6 am on a Sunday and out the door before 7 am.  I calmly (?) battled no less than four crying from frustration episodes before even getting in the car.  I walked into a gym whose doors had been open for only 15 to find one of the very last spots in the bleachers for a competition starting three hours later.  I nearly asphyxiated on the fumes of hairspray required to keep curls in a pony tail.  I stood in line for six carnations and two spirit grams for more than 30 minutes.  I lost feeling in my legs from Bleacher Butt (an unofficial but very real syndrome) at least six times.  I regretted not applying more deodorant no less than three times after the heat of a packed gym started to become too much.  But in the end, everyone one of those things I would do again over and over to see the smiles of pride on my girls' faces today at their cheer competition.

Today, a small sampling of things that made me happy:

1.  Cheer hair, but only once completed.  Cheer hair preparation is the complete opposite of happiness for me.  Related:  cheer bows.  They are like diamonds.  The bigger and size and sparkle the better.

2.  Confidence in your child in a situation that could be very daunting.  Both girls expressed some nerves leading up to today's competition, but you would have never guessed it looking at their faces when they entered the competition gym today.  I, as usual, was a nervous wreck choking back sobs and hot flashes of anxiety, but our girls were the picture of calm, cool, and collected.  So crazy proud of my girls today.

3.  Singing along with my girls in the car, music loud and voices louder.  It will probably forever be one of my favorite "ordinary moment" memories from their childhood.

Bonus happiness:  a long Sunday afternoon nap.

Today was a good day.

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Anonymous said...

Great day! Those Carbon Hill girls SHINE!
Great Job...Gramma Loves you :)


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