Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Best Senior Night Quote Ever

Tonight was Relish's senior night swim meet.  I was hugely pregnant with McKenna the last time I saw Rachel swim competitively.  Most of the meet I teetered between being horribly uncomfortable and wondering just how effective my life saving skills would be if it became necessary to save Relish during one of her laps down the length of the pool.  Ten years ago she wasn't much of a swimmer.  Tonight she glided through the water with ease and helped lead her team to a meet victory.

During the senior night festivities, each of the four senior girls were introduced.  The coach gave a little bio on each girl, including how long they'd been swimming, additional extracurricular activities, post high school plans, a favorite swim team moment, and a piece of advice for swimmers just starting out.  I remember exactly none of Relish's introduction because I was too busy trying not to break into the ugly cry (and also giggling with Munchkin at the thought of BOTD slipping on the pool deck into the water on their walk around the deck).  What did stick with me though was her advice to young swimmers.  I won't get the quote exactly, but it basically was this:

"When things get tough, remember the little girl that loved to swim.  Do it for her."

I know, right?  Then this poster was pointed out to me.  Cue heartache.

Growing up way too fast, still so very blessed to have been there from the beginning, love this girl as much today as the day she was born.

Congratulations, Rach!

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