Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Visit From 2007

Tonight as we were trick-or-treating, I had a visit from a Ghost of Halloween Past.  That ghost came in the form of Cathy and her two adorable little girls.  We crossed paths twice on our candy route, and both times I was struck by feelings of nostalgia and gratefulness. 

Nostalgia = I miss my babies.
Gratefulness = This afternoon is going incredibly smoothly thanks to my girls' independence.

Six years ago I was in a similar position as Cathy, me-against-them solo wrangling a new walker and attempting to reason with a preschooler while participating in one of the great rites of passages as a parent.  At that age they were as precious as could be and also a hell of a lot of work.

Tonight the girls and I criss-crossed sidewalks for blocks swiftly and efficiently.  After they declared they had enough candy we stopped to eat where the girls ordered their own food, filled their own drinks, fed themselves, and then cleaned up their garbage without a reminder to do so.  There were no spills, or tears, or mid-meal bathroom breaks.

There are days when I really miss the girls being babies.  Tonight just happened to not be one of them.


Tru Stories said...

How can you NOT miss Kenna's chunky little face?? Or when Lana's used to eat her hair?? That stuff was adorable!

Anonymous said...

Ha!! I am happy I was able to provide a reminder of the great yet crazy days of your past. I was exhausted after two stroller (rookie mistake!). Things went much better heading back to Grandma's and grabbing that to not have to carry the toddler house after house in the thick pink monster costume. Good memories, but I was quite jealous of your relaxing stress free strolling :) someday I'll be able to have a conversation more than a minute and a half when I see you!


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