Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Prayers For Baby Kaysen

There is a woman that I work with that I consider both a friend and mentor.  We share a room at one of my buildings, a roommate situation that happened a few years ago thanks to a minor natural disaster.  Never has anything so sweet come from a flood as the joy that I have gotten from sharing a space with Pam.  She is one of the kindest, most sincere and generous people I know.  She has given me so much - a listening ear, a new perspective on life both personally and professionally, opportunities for memories with my own girls, and so much more.  She holds a very special place in my heart.

On Friday, Pam's youngest daughter, Megan, gave birth to her third baby.  Kaysen Faye, little sister to Calleigh and Talan, has had an unexpected rough start to life.  Megan's husband, Steve, updated on Facebook initially that their little girl had a difficult time transitioning but that things were looking better as time passed.  It soon became evident that more intensive care was going to be needed than could be provided at the hospital where she was born, and so Kaysen was transferred to Children's with her Grammy and Daddy accompanying her that same day.  Megan, 24 hours after her c-section, was discharged and soon joined them as they tried to learn more about their little girl's heart.

Here's the most recent update from Pam's Facebook page:

Today we see small glimpses of God answering the many prayers that have been offered up for the healing of Kaysen's tiny heart. This morning the medical team repeated an echocardiogram. In looking at her heart function while on full support of ECMO, the functioning had improved some. Additionally, the support was decreased and she "held her own" with the decreased support for several minutes. The team did not feel the need to do a cardiac cath which was a possibility for today. She was also given tiny drops of breast milk today through nasal cannula. They have decreased the paralytic (which is used to keep the machines doing all the work and rest her little heart from having to work) and increased sedation (to keep her comfortable). She is undergoing a 24 hour EEG look for signs of any neurological problems- which will conclude tomorrow. The plan for tomorrow is to repeat the echo and further test her ability to tolerate decreased levels of support from the ECMO. Our entire family is humbled by the support we have received through prayers and kind words. The words "thank you" do not seem to be enough to express how we feel, but thank you.
Pam's family is incredibly close.  Her three daughters were all born and raised in Coal City, and much of their large extended family also live in town.  The three girls are all stay-at-home moms to a total of six children ages newborn to six years old.  They have a large support system rallying around little Kaysen, but still their family has been weighing heavily on my heart and mind.  Pam has given so much to me, probably more than she'll ever realize; I feel sort of helpless in the support I can return to Pam during this difficult time, but the least I can do is throw the net wider in order to get as many people as possible to keep sweet Kaysen and her parents, sibling, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins in your prayers. 

Kaysen has an army behind her, and if you will please join them as we continue to pray for her healing, for the team caring for her, and for peace and strength for the family that loves her so very much.


Page Turner said...

Prayers going out.

Anonymous said...

14Praying for Baby Kaysen. Was nice to see you at Coco's Mrs. What pretty lil girls you have and the sparkle in your eyes as you talk to them made me smile....Old Ladym

Anonymous said...

Still praying...any update on Baby Kaysen?

you can call me al said...

Praying. . .


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