Friday, June 7, 2013

To New Beginnings

There's no doubt that during the duration of this blog, I have had many faithful followers.  My mom, of course, is number one with many friends and family members following closely behind her.  But of all of you, all my loyal readers, there is one who stands out as going from stranger to friend almost solely through the existence of One Carbon Hill (with a little bit of help from her daughter, Tru Stories, too).

Today, Page Turner, one journey ends; tomorrow, a brand new adventure begins.  I am awed by your bravery to chase after a life long dream, and I am hopeful that this journey will bring you the same level of happiness and fulfillment that your venture will bring to the lives of those who visit your store.  Remember that all great things can be achieved with little more than a dream, determination, and dedication. 

I thought this quote from Ronald Reagan seemed appropriate for someone about to open a candy shop:
"Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music."

Here's to your success, to finding your purpose in bringing joy to the main street of our little hometown, to enjoying the sound of a shop filled with laughter and conversation.  As you have supported me and my family over the years, I will happily return the favor as you set out on this new endeavor. 

Best of luck to you, Page Turner!  May every day at Coco's be a choreographed masterpiece to the soundtrack of a sweet song.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Page Turner and best wishes on your new venture!

Gramma Poke

Page Turner said...

Thank you so much Mrs. If I pull in Coach's part of the family and General's family that might be all I need for Coco's to be a success. Everyone else will be bonus.
Gramma Poke looking forward to meeting you.
That quote is fantastic. Think Coach might need to put that on wood for me. Everyone keeps calling me brave. Not sure if I'm brave, naive, or not very bright. As the Old Lady likes to say, Time Will Tell.

The Mrs. said...

Page Turner, if you tell Warhol it's a Reagan quote you want displayed I bet he'd give you a steep discount.

Arizona said...

i was thinking the same thing!! that quote needs to be hung in your store, it's perfect!!

and mrs. I thought you were declaring your blog retirment. i could not handle that on my first day back after PT ditched me for greener pastures!

Page Turner said...

I put an order in with Warhol for the quote. I really love it. It was so kind of you to write such a "sweet" blog for me.
We are all such dorks. We had tru, now we have sweet.
Soon you can bring your girls to Coco's for a visit. You will be VIP's at Coco's.

you can call me al said...

Wishing you ALL THE BEST!


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