Thursday, May 9, 2013

Deep Thinker

This afternoon I was hanging up clothes when Elaina entered the bedroom seeking some assistance.  She's sometimes as easily distracted as the dog from Up *SQUIRREL!* so mid-request for help she suddenly switched her train of thought to a more complicated line of questioning.

"Are those yours and dad's hands in that picture," she asked looking up at the modified print of The Creation of Adam we have hanging over our bed.  I told her no, that they actually represented the hands of God and Adam and informed her that all other inquires about that picture would be better directed toward The General's direction since he's the resident art buff in the house.  Not to be deterred, she decided to take the conversation down a much deeper theological road leaving me mostly stumbling and stuttering for answers.


How was the Earth created?

Well, there are many theories but I believe that God created everything in the world.

When did God die?

God has never died; he's always been alive and still is in Heaven.

Well where is God's stone? (referring to a cemetery headstone, I assume)

God doesn't have a stone.  He was never alive on Earth so he wasn't buried.  He's only ever lived in Heaven.

Yeah, but Jesus was alive on Earth and they're the same person.

No, not really.  Jesus is God's son, and he was alive on Earth.

What does God look like?

No one knows for sure what God looks like.  That's something I think we'll find out when we get to Heaven.

Well, what about those pictures at the church where you had practice for the rock concert?  I saw pictures of God there.

Those were probably pictures of Jesus.

No, they weren't pictures of Jesus because Gramma told me they were pictures of God.  I know they weren't Jesus.

You know, these would be really great questions to ask Papa.  I think he would be really good at giving you the answers you're looking for about God and Jesus.

Yeah, and you know what else?  "Jesus" sounds a lot like "Cheez-Its".


And with that comment and my giggling, that pretty much ended that conversation.  


Katie said...

Awesome. It does sound a lot like Cheez-its.

JD in GC said...

I totally just burst out laughing, and had to explain why, to a student who is taking a test in my office...he only found it about half as funny as I did! =)

Anonymous said...

When Gizmo was a bit younger, she called Jesus...Jesit...and that rhymes with Cheez-it!! You know what they say about great must run in the family!!

you can call me al said...

When is the rock concert????


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