Monday, February 4, 2013

I Want Your Money

So I've been a little busy this past week trying to stave off an epic emotional and mental breakdown while simultaneously working, tending to the needs of my family (although, I'll admit, as minimally as possible), and organizing our Polar Plunge team's gigantic fundraiser for Special Olympics.

I am happy to report that I only cried twice in the process, was locked in my bedroom in a sort-of-self-imposed-and-highly-supported-by-my-husband exile for four hours one evening, and kept myself mostly under control when we had two glitches during the actual fundraiser (one in front of all 200+ people in attendance and one behind the scenes).

I'm even happier to report that our team raised over $8,000 last weekend.  Let me say that again.  We raised over $8,367 for Special Olympics thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, donors, participants, and colleagues.  I'm still get a little chill up my spine every time I look at the number.

And now I'm asking you for more.  Mo' money, she says!

The Polar Coalers will be plunging in Loon Lake in just under a month.  I set a personal fundraising goal of $500 this year, and so far I'm 20% of the way there.  I know it's asking a lot, but would my dear, kind readers consider reaching into their pocket and donating to the cause?  No donation is too small, and as last year I will pledge to go "all the way" (under) if I reach my fundraising goal.

There's a link on the right hand side of this page, but you can also get there by clicking right HERE.

I've seen the good that Special Olympics has done for four of my own students.  A whole new world of opportunity has opened up for them with their participation in this wonderful organization, and I've pledge to do whatever I can to support them and the rest of the incredible athletes that are a part of Special Olympics.


Tru Stories said...

As always, count on us!
You are a good woman... a great person!!
Good job, this weekend.

Jane Anderson said...

You are a great organizer. I will make a donation. I will do it through the site. First I need to dig out my charge card. I'll get it done by week-end.
You are a wonderful fundraiser.


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