Saturday, January 12, 2013

We Will Rock You

Tonight is the annual We (Cancer) Vive Dance.  Long time readers surely know what I'm talking about.

This year, though, the dance is taking a new spin.  A lifelong resident of our little hometown, a man who carries the weight of this village on his shoulders time and time again, is battling for his life.  Suffering from stage five renal failure, he is in need of a live donor kidney transplant.  Although all signs look promising that a match has been found, it doesn't make his struggle any less serious.  Mounting medical bills are only the beginning of the challenges he and his family face, and in a show of support for this man who continuously gives to everyone else it was decided that this year's dance was a way The General's family could finally give back to him.  Tonight we celebrate a man with a huge heart and generous spirit.  We celebrate all he has done for the residents of this town and beyond and return the love he has shown for so many others through his acts of service.

Kahuna, tonight we will rock you.

1 comment:

The Page Turner said...

That makes me cry! He really is such an amazing man.


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