Monday, January 14, 2013

Kahuna's Rock of Ages

What is there to say really?  If I could sum up Saturday's social event of the year it would be with this one word:  excess

There was big hair, black clothing, fishnet stockings, leather (of the real and pleather varieties), heels, fake tattoos, adult beverages, and of course hard core rock and roll dancing.  All of it in excess and It.  Was.  Awesome.

Again, I shall let the pictures speak a thousand words.

The Pre-Party

It is my life's mission to thoroughly traumatize our children for years to come.  Unfortunately, it appears as though we are in costume so often that looking like this barely registers as a blip on their freakshow radar.

I feel as though my friend, Jen, had the best comment regarding The General after seeing his picture posted on Facebook:  "Just when you think that man can't top his former outfits . . ."

After feeling a big of panic at being without one article of clothing or a single accessory only a week before the dance, I took a last ditch effort by entering Deb for the first time since 1994.  You know the store I'm talking about, right?  The one where everyone woman ages 33-45 shopped for a prom dress at some point in their lives?  Well, I'm here to tell you that not only do they still sell gowns for all your formalwear needs, this store is also a goldmine for theme parties.  Did I ever think I would leave my house dressed in tight black pleather tights?  Absolutely not.  After seeing how slimming this article of clothing makes my legs appear in these pictures is it possible I might never wear anything else?  Perhaps.

The only thing more fun that acting like a fool in ridiculous costuming is having a crazy group of friends who are more than willing to do the same.

 The Dance

As was stated many times, it is beyond me why this event doesn't draw in at least twice the crowd that it does.  If anyone has an answer or suggestions for increasing traffic please let me know.  It is seriously non-stop fun.

I love it when Page Turner brings blog followers to the dance.  It makes me feel like a celebrity, plus it's awesome to meet total strangers who know you and your family intimately.  I still think some summer evening we need an official blog summit.  Who's with me?

The ORIGINAL First Family of Rock

I mean, come on.  This woman has seven children yet looks exactly like she did when I started dating The General in 1993.  Ridiculous!

Sharon and Ozzy.  Who knew Match Guy was so buff!
These four should never be left together unsupervised.

Their wives, on the other hand, are clearly model citizens at all times.

And this is when things start to get really fun!
 The Performance
Robert Palmer and his "Addicted to Love" girls.  Minus Robert Palmer who was currently manning the DJ booth.  He's multi-talented!

Kid Rock and Joe C.  Get up, snitches!

The General is in the back mixing it up at the turntables.  A dream come true.

Is that Steven Tyler or Tru Stories?  I can hardly tell the difference!

Capture of the night.  THIS is the face of rock and roll, people.

Seriously, who is this person?

There were actual real live musicians performing this year as well, not just rock star wannabes like the rest of us posers.

The Man of Honor disguised as Meatloaf.  Love him and his loving soul.
Post-Performance (when things really start to reach epic proportions)
Here we go - ready to ROCK!

And the photobombing begins.

Best Dressed.  Again. 

This year we actually brought home the hardware.  It's currently residing where the Fantasy Football trophy once lived.

Head bang Contest = A sore neck two days later.

Fact:  Coach really is repulsed by his wife.  Either that or he has thoroughly enjoyed living the rock and roll lifestyle in form of mass beer consumption.
Additional fact:  The General will never stop forcing Tru Stories into an embrace.  It was a solid attempt in an effort to mask the look of discomfort on her face, but it's there because she realizes her head is basically resting in The Armpit of Her Nightmares.

The previous two pictures sums up their friendship perfectly.  It is any mystery why they were drawn to each other at JJC? 

This adorable lady is the owner of K. Alyn in Morris, and ladies if you haven't shopped there yet put it on your bucketlist.  Adorable stuff.  Anyway, Flag Girl showed her last year's video and she was immediately enthralled by the theatrics.  She was shocked - as we all were - by The General's Risky Business part primarily.  Upon hearing this story and many mentions of K. Alyn he demanded that he must meet her at the dance.  This is their introduction, and I'm including the picture mostly because I find is absolutely hysterical that she can't even make eye contact with my husband.  Can you imagine meeting this larger than life character for the first time when he is dressed like this?  He kills me.

My favorite picture of the night.  Mother and son:  the family that rocks together stays together.

So there it is, another dance recap in the books.  With each passing year we seem to have even more fun; additionally, it seems to take that much longer to recuperate.  Is it worth it though?  Absolutely.


Tina said...

It looks like you had a great time!

Mrs, you are hot. Great pants. I am going to judge you for the Deb trip, though.....

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Great fun. I agree there should 300 people attending this event. General should win the prize every year. He thinks outside the box!!
I could not be more proud of my Tru Stories. I always think of the first time she had to speak in front of people. She was a shy wreck. Not anymore!
The Page Turner

Tru Stories said...

1. Seriously, who was that person??

2. Coach looks like a little kid next to General, when he was high fiving his award.. Won. Again. Boring.

3. Coach does hate me. (or rather at least being photographed with me)


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