Friday, January 4, 2013

A New Tradition

It was decided by the sisters-in-law over the Black Friday ads sometime following the Thanksgiving meal that we were going to break from tradition and start a new one this year for Christmas.  Rather than doing a gift exchange between cousins, we were going to gift the children of The General's family with a fun cousin day out.  The last thing any of our children needed was another toy that would be soon ignored and discarded; however, they could never have too many memories of time spent together to live off of for a lifetime.

 Insert a day at the bowling alley.

A few notes for memory keeping's sake:

1.  Of all of those to attend, the last to arrive with children was The Bride and Wilder.  Picking up the family theme of mercilessly teasing, the children all began ribbing their aunt for being the last one there even though she had the shortest distance to travel.  Elizabeth Taylor quickly came to the Bride's aid stating, "It's okay.  It takes a while for Wilder to do his hair".  The Bride allowed his baby locks to be shaved 48 hours later.

2.  George, on the second game, had a whopping total of 14 going in to the fifth frame.  He then proceeded to throw three strikes in a row for the turkey.  He refused to participate in any "turkey dances" as celebration.

3.  It is possible to hit only one pin out of ten even with the bumpers up.  Both of my girls are adept at this seemingly impossible feat.

4.  Did you know that bowling balls bounce - multiple times and loudly with each bounce - when tossed down a concrete walkway?  Also noteworthy:  Little Miss tends to throw with a mean hook to the left.  This important information could save your life someday should you choose to stand near her when she unleashes a throw.

5.  Vince is perfecting the art of the photo bomb.  Be aware of him lurking in the background if you're trying to line up the perfect photograph.

6.  Relish is extremely patient with her over bearing aunts as evidenced by the fact that she has granted us permission, with relative little bullying required, to accompany her on prom dress shopping missions.  As stated by Mrs MC, this might be one of the greatest days of her life.

7.  It's a little bit ridiculous how much I love these awesome kids.  I don't know how much my own girls will remember about this day's outing, but it's one I'll always remember.


Munchkin said...

1. The look on Wii Man's face when he got the spare on his first throw was awesome.

2. It is possible, if a bowling ball is rolled slowly enough (by Star), the ball will actually bounce OFF THE PINS!

3. Relish looks VERY much grown up in the group picture. It's freaking creepy.

4. Vince's photobombing just makes me want to take more pictures around him to see what happens.

Munchkin said...

oh and before any of you assholes point out you can't get a spare on your first throw, i meant his first turn

Tru Stories said...

Great idea! I love it.

Tina said...

Beautiful family! What a fun time!


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