Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Day With The Princesses

This year for Christmas, the girls were the lucky recipients of tickets to see Disney on Ice Rockin' Ever After from Big Papa.  They have been counting down the days since our family Christmas at the end of December and at last the event they've been looking forward to for almost a month finally arrived.

We were among the first to arrive in our section and that was even after bathroom breaks and walking almost an entire lap around All State Arena while locating our seats.  Finally finding our reserved spots, McKenna seemed impressed while Elaina immediately stated she could not see.  Apparently nine rows up from the ice is too much of a distance for our resident Drama Queen's eyesight to overcome. 

Both girls were promised one treat - and before anyone calls us mean parents for not indulging them in more than one treat, let me tell you that one official program cost $20 and a light up plastic King Triton sword was $22 - and it was almost immediate that Elaina picked her choice.  McKenna, always the browser of the duo, required a walk around the venue to peruse her many options and came back with a treat of her own.

"Hey, Dad, there's a crack in my cup!"  "No, there's a CHIP in your cup."  Apparently this correlation between an actual chip in the cup and the cup's name being Chip has gone previously unnoticed through previous viewings of "Beauty and The Beast".

The show started soon after, and I'd say that all four of us were pretty captivated by the show.  Ariel's section of the show was the favorite of 75% of our group with the fancy costumes, high flying acrobatics, and overall best music; the dissenting family member said the fireworks at the end of the show were her favorite although she did claim the show was "a rip off" (a direct quote) because not ALL the Disney princesses were in attendance. I'll let you guess the person behind that opinion.

Her opinion really isn't the one that counts though when people ask if the show was good.  I think it's The General's opinion that really serves as the barometer, and his take on the experience was, and I quote, "It was a lot better than I thought it would be".  Given the genre, that basically translate into "It was one of the greatest theatrical experiences of my life".  A win all the way around for sure!

Thanks, Big Papa, for the fun Christmas present and the opportunity to get our winter weary bodies out of the house and into the city for a fun family day we won't soon forget.

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Jane Anderson said...

I laughed out loud at, "it was a rip off." The fact that a little drama princess uses that phrase, cracks me up!
You have such a beautiful family.


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