Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Blogging Experiment

I'm going to ride of the coat tails of Tru Stories for a little bit.  Clearly The Life and Times at One Carbon Hill has been a little quite over the past year or so.  Earlier this month I "published" my 2011 blog book, and it had more than 50% less pages than my first book from 2007 (which only covered 10 out of 12 months).  The 2012 book will be even thinner thanks to a serious lack of material.

So, I'm going to try to blog more.  Really, I am.  Looking back through the blog books I realize that my posts don't all need to be epic posts with pictures and a thousand words.  Some of my favorite past posts are those little vignettes, snapshots of life as a wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend.  I want to do this for all of you who are still with me, those who still check in daily waiting to see what we're up to on The Hill.  But I also want to do this for my girls.  Even though they aren't changing as rapidly as they were in those first few years of the blog, the moments we share are certainly no less important.  I want to continue to write about these moments so that we can all remember them for years to come.

I saw an idea somewhere, and I want to try it here.  I'm going to need your help though.  I mentioned on Tru Stories' post about a staging a blog jump start that sometimes working off a theme helps me in the writing process, sort of like a prompt given during a high school composition class.  I'm going to ask you, the readers, to provide that prompt.  What I'm asking anyone and everyone who reads this blog to do is to leave ONE WORD (or I suppose a very short phrase) in the comments section of this post.  I'd like to get at least 25, but more would be great.  If you wouldn't mind, and if it isn't obvious from your sign-in, please also leave your name or a nickname that would help me identify you.  I will then take each word left and write a blog post based on that word.  For example, if someone wrote the word "beach" I might tell a story about my first time seeing the ocean, or post pictures of a great vacation.  I won't promise to blog daily until the list is finished, and I promise to pepper in pictures and funny moments as they happen that might be unrelated to the list.

Comment section is open - fire away!


Anonymous said...


Arizona/Millhouse said...

funny story about you & the General.

Cath said...

Here's some random words, no need to use all/any..
Epic/mostmemorablebrothertakedownyouwillneverforget (couldn't narrow it down very well)
Garret Park
Dime Store
Surely you can conjure up some kind of good story from one of these!

The Page Turner said...

First Date

Anonymous said...

If I won the LOTTERY...Old Lady

Easy Rider said...

Best Vacation/travel spot

Munchkin said...


Anonymous said...

Morgan Street Memories
Robert Stevenson Pool
First camping experience
Church Camp
Red Hots
Seventh Grade State Runner Up
First Track Meet
Most exciting/disappointing meet
Heber Springs
Cliff Jumping
Gramma & Grandpa
Flash Cards
I'll think of some more!

The Mrs. said...

Mom, I think you've reached your limit.

Keep 'em coming . . . I'm already feeling a little nervous about how I'm going to make good on this commitment!

Anonymous said...

You'll be fine...Love ya, great idea

The Page Turner said...

Well played Munchkin, well played.

Tru Stories said...

Butt Face Fairy (and Sweetbreast comments) are trademarked by
Tru Stories.

I like Blogs about swim lessons, yoga, sweating, relay dances... specifically The General at any of those.

Pokmom said...

adventures with cousins growing up (always make me laugh)


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