Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Let's Lighten It Back Up A Little

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that the antics of Elfiebell Snowflake have not halted despite lack of publishing here.  She's as much of a brat as ever, getting into all kinds of trouble at her new temporary home.

Day 8:  Dolls are creepy, man.

As a grade schooler, for a solid five years running, there were three movies that were on the "must rent" list for any slumber party:  Top Gun, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, and Dolls.  I trust that you're all familiar with that first cinematic marvel, and can only pray that you have been lucky enough to sit through at least one viewing of the greatest movie of my adolescent years listed second.  Perhaps, though, the third listing is sadly unfamiliar to you.  Let me share with you a synopsis as listed on IMDb:
A group of travelers spend the night in the mansion of an elderly couple who are dollmakers. However, one of the travelers' children discovers that the dolls the couple makes are actually humans that the couple has miniaturized and turned into tools for their evil plans.
Basically it was one of the top five greatest horror film of my generation if you ask me, although to view it now you'd probably only categorize it as horrifyingly hilarious.  Still, I challenge you to just peruse the ten still shots on the IMDb page and not feel a chill race up your spine at least one.

Anyway, that little walk down memory lane was simply a build up to the moment I experienced when placing Elfiebell Snowflake in her hiding spot on day eight.

Half opened glazed eyes, messy hair, waxy faces, forced smiles.  Creeeeepy.

Day 9:  Green eggs?  How about a little green milk?

The girls opened the frig no less than fifteen times the morning of the green milk and still they couldn't find her.  We left for school in a slight state of desperation that Elfie was still hidden, and it wasn't until I instructed Elaina to put away the new carton of orange juice that they finally found her.  McKenna was horrified at the sight of the toxic green liquid; Elaina instantly asked if she could drink some of it.  A foreshadowing moment?  I imagine yes.  After a few tentative sips, Elaina exclaimed, "Hey!  This tastes like plain ol' milk!".  After seeing that her sister survived the taste test, McKenna declared that she too wanted to "see what color the milk tastes like" too.  The General resolutely refused to partake in any such nonsense, opening a new carton without even trying the green stuff.

Day 10:  Girls' Night Out

By day ten it appeared as though a truce had been formed between the elf and the princesses with all former rivalries being put to rest.  After two days three days of frantic searching, this was an effortless set up and so simple for the girls to find.  I was pleased when Elaina noticed that the players all color coordinated with their game pieces.  The General wondered if that was a coincidence; I wondered, after all these years, if he really even knows me at all.

Day 11:  Recon Mission

This was, by far, the most stressful of all the elf set-ups so far for me.  I thought for sure I was going to be caught red handed (red markered?), and after a couple of eye flutters from Elaina when I was in a very compromising position I just knew the gig was up.  But alas, the plan worked out perfectly.  Both girls exited their rooms at the same time in the morning.  Leaning in, Elaina said to McKenna, "What's on your nose?" while McKenna mimicked a similar motion asking, "What's on YOUR nose?".  A run to the bathroom mirror ensued where Elfie was sitting waiting for them with the evidence of her handiwork.  Ha, ha, ho, ho, that Elfiebell sure is crazy!  My favorite one to date, hands down.

Day 12:  Zip lining through the dining room

This one is pretty self-explanatory.  The pants hanger as a zip line device was a genius idea I stole from a Facebook friend.  I love it when I can benefit from the ingenuity and hard work of others.


Day 13:  Leaving no room for the Holy Spirit

Justin Bieber and Elfie, sittin' in a tree.  K-I-S-S-I-N-G.  Or, as McKenna predicted, Justin Bieber is simply whispering his Christmas list into Elfie's ear.  Oh, the innocence and naivete of a child.  

Day 14:  Even elves need a sick day now and then

Saturday night Elaina started running a fever.  She's known to do that:  be totally fine and then out of nowhere spike a 102 degree fever with little traces of illness by the next morning.  Yesterday our elementary school had 39 kids out sick, seven from just one class (plus the teacher); according to Elaina there were seven missing from her class at the ECC and another eight in one of the kindergarten classrooms.  The nurse at the intermediate school was walking around with a surgical mask all day to keep her own germs away from the children coming to see her for their various ailments.  'Tis the season to share germs, I guess, and it looks like our house was no different.


The Page Turner said...

Wow! You are something. Your mind is a little bit scarey. Green Milk? Really!!!

Munchkin said...

I got an idea (stolen from a friend on facebook), if you're in need of an easy one. Gold fish crackers in the sink, Elfie sitting on the side of the sink with a fishing pole

Anonymous said...

Just thinking about those old movies made me smile! =)
Our Elf "Steve" is not nearly as creative...mostly he just sits on shelves or in glasses, etc. =) Love seeing what yours is up to!
JD in GC


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