Monday, December 31, 2012

Elfiebell Snowflake: The Final Days

I'll admit that as the final days of Elfiebell's temporary residence at our home I started to lose steam.  She came into our house on December 4th and left on Christmas Eve; although those 20 days were filled with magic, I can't imagine having to keep up that charade any longer than that.  Still, a week after her last appearance, her absence is still very real.  That stupid elf was loved.

Day 16:  Even elves need a spa day now and then.

All that traveling back and forth must make for weary bones.  You know, if she actually had bones as opposed to cheap cotton filling.

Day 17:  The weather outside was frightful. . . 

. . . but the fire was so delightful.

Day 18:  TPed Tree

We left on a Friday afternoon, and when we returned on Saturday this is what greeted the girls.  Our family tree covered in toilet paper. 

According to McKenna, this was the craziest thing Elfiebell did while at our house. 

Day 19:  Would you like s'mores?

Lest you be concerned that Elfiebell risked severe burns, let me assure you this candle was lit for picture taking purposes only and soon after extinguished.  I didn't think waking up to an elf corpse would scream "Merry Christmas, kids".

Day 20:  A grand send off.

On Christmas Eve, the girls found Elfiebell Snowflake next to the front door waiting for her final departure until next year.  She wrote the girls a nice little letter and left them a self-portrait they could look at if they started to miss her.  

I think Elaina summed up Elfiebell's time with us perfectly when she said to me Christmas Eve Eve, "Mom, I'm really going to miss Elfiebell.  She's not just an elf; she's a friend".

Thanks again, Pam, for bringing this magic into our home this year.  They are memories I will cherish for a lifetime.

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Tru Stories said...

You win. You're the best mom.


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