Monday, December 10, 2012

Elfiebell Snowflake: Days 4, 5, and 6

The magic and mystique of Elfiebell Snowflake is still alive and well at One Carbon Hill.  I suppose some of you are probably wondering why I've blogged more about some dumb doll more in the last week than I have about my own children in the past month.  Would you believe me if I told you Elfie and her adventures are about as exciting as the girls are?  I'm really just telling myself it's documentation for my failing brain so I don't repeat any tricks.


Saturday morning the girls woke up to this:

In case you can't tell, that is our toilet.  The girls asked first thing is they could unwrap the present Elfiebell left them; immediately after I told them they could The General warned, "Just make sure she didn't leave you any presents inside".  If I had been thinking the night before, I so totally would have dropped a tootsie roll in the bowl.  They.  Would.  Have.  Died.  Just DIED!  Elaina was properly freaked out by Elfie's perch and refused to use this toilet anytime nature called.

Two things I learned in this process:  first, wrapping a toilet doesn't take as much paper as you'd think. Secondly, scotch tape does not stick to porcelain. Painter's tape, however, is as efficient holding paper to a toilet as it is keeping a toddler in her diaper.  Two valuable lessons that will serve me no purpose whatsoever moving forward in life.


Sunday morning Elfiebell was found staring at herself in a mirror ornament.  Cue chorus of "You're So Vain".  This hiding spot was the most camouflaged thus far.  Accompanying Elfiebell was a letter from Santa.  Earlier on Saturday, the girls were FaceTiming with my mom and dad.  My dad unpacked an elf that his grandma had given him many years ago to show the McKenna & Elaina.  The girls were unconvinced that Papa's elf has the same magic as their elf and so they instructed my mom to ask Elfiebell Snowflake to ask Santa if all elves have the same magic.  Santa's letter confirmed that elves come in all shapes and sizes and, yes, Papa's elf is also magic.  He watches over all the children who enter their house and report back to Santa each night.  However, Papa's elf is much older so he doesn't get into quite as much mischief as Elfiebell.    

(For those of you that are friends with me on Facebook, yes that is the tree that nearly ruined my Christmas buzz earlier last week.  By Friday night I had that baby blazing with more strings of lights than are probably fire code approved, and should it go dark before Christmas is over you should all take cover for I may become homicidal.)


This morning the girls found Elfiebell Snowflake channeling her inner artist.

Not too exciting.  I'm pretty sure Elfiebell is starting to get a little worn out already from all these tricks.  Two more weeks of hilarity - can she persevere?  She's taking any and all ideas in the comments section of this post.


em said...

You've indeed set the bar waaaay too about ziplining across your bathroom with dental floss.......

The Mrs. said...

My hand to God, the zip line idea was a serious contender for tonight's escapades and that was before I read your comment, em. I was thinking dining room chandelier to Christmas tree though...

Tina said...

Hanging from the chandelier, sitting on top of the tree....I have to say you are MUCH more creative than we are with Emma here. Gonzo especially liked it when Emma sat on top of the doorbell in the house.


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