Thursday, December 6, 2012

Elfiebell Snowflake: Day 2

Turf War:  The Princesses Don't Play

Subtitle:  Disney Princesses - They protect One Carbon Hill like the Sons protect Charming.

The girls woke up this morning to what may be considered traumatic to some.  The General himself was not embarrassed to admit that upon discovering the scene he was a little taken aback (exact quote:  "Now I get why Tig is freaked out by dolls"**).  I was slightly concerned that maybe this was taking it too far for only the second day.  Alas, the girls found it hilarious.  Elaina was convinced that Elfiebell had snuck into her room, captured the princesses, lined them up, and then tied herself to the chair.  McKenna, on the other hand, figured that the princesses had captured Elfiebell and held her hostage, probably because she ate the family's scotcheroos the prior evening.

What will Elfiebell get into tonight?  I, personally, am hoping she takes it upon herself to decorate the big tree in the dining room.

**Why, no, we aren't at all fully immersed in the world of Sons of Anarchy.  Why do you ask?


Big Boca Bob said...

SOA has also consumed the lives of those at Casa de Bob. I'm frightened that I'm going to open my Christmas present this year to find a shirt branded with "old lady" P.S. Your gang of Disney Princesses scared me a little. Looks like those divas spent a little time on the streets waiting around for Prince Charming.

Anonymous said...

I am loving the adventures of Elfiebell Snowflake at OCH! I was told tonight that a person could buy a skirt for Elfiebell!! Is this true? I will text tomorrow to see where Bell has landed. Gramma Poke


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