Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Elfiebell Snowflake: Day 15

Since this new tradition started, the only person more excited than the girls about Elfiebell's existence is my mom. Every single morning (except on those evenings when I send her a preview before she can ask) she has sent a text message inquiring about the elf's new location; oftentimes she will call later in the evening to get a recap from the girls to gauge their reactions. Her actual text messages, in chronological order, are as follows:
Girls....where was elfiebell snowflake this morning? 
Where is elfiebell today? 
Bell bell where are you?*
Where has elfiebell been? 
Come out come out wherever you are!** 
Where. Is she? 
Zip line today? 
What did bell do last night?  
Where is she? The girls are asking.*** 
*This is when I started to become concerned that my mom thought it was possible the elf was actually the one sending my mom photograph evidence of her location.

**This is the day that I thought maybe she was starting to lose her mind.

***This is the day I realized my mom and her co-workers had bypassed their sacred traditions of starting their workday with doughnuts, coffee, and cakes to instead share stories of their grandchildren's elves.  Or perhaps discussing elves while enjoying doughnuts, coffee, and cakes?  I'll have to find out.

Last night I sent her a preview of what the girls would wake up to this morning.

My mom's reply:  Peekaboo! 

To which I then replied, "I'm becoming concerned that even you believe this elf is real".

I'm also starting to wonder who will be more devastated by Elfiebell Snowflake's absence - my daughters or their grandmother.


Anonymous said...

Please........Please....I am just so excited that your blog has come alive again that I am giving you blog worthy material to work with.......but, you have to's Christmas! We do have an Elf briefing every morning. We have a Roxie, a Janessa, Elf, and my favorite named elf by a 2 year old grilled cheese! Elfiebell Snowflake by far has been the most active! I can't wait to see the her antics in the coming days! Keep up the good work Mrs.!
Gramma Poke

The Page Turner said...

The blog world will all be sad.

Bookkeeper said...

What do you mean that Elfiebell isn't real! What the?? If she isn't real, how is she writing her adventures on this blog? Which, by way, is a few days behind, missy.

Tina said...

I, for one, will be happy when the whole charade is over. I am running out of ideas for our Emma!

Good work, Mrs. You are much more creative and dedicated to this project than I.

Now, off to put Emma in her final resting place....

Pokmom said...

we have more fun at work talking about where are grandchildrens elves are hiding!! i have to side with your mom there.....they bring the magic of Christmas alive! you can go on line and see hundred of fun places to put them...i will be sad that it's over....also, for adults only..try the elf on the shelf gone bad...there are some histerical pictures!!!!


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