Monday, November 19, 2012

Monthly Check-In

I've had this post in the queue for a week now with another one set to publish right after.  Seriously, I've completely lost my ever-loving-blogging mind.  Better late than never, right?
So remember last month when I said I was going to make more of an effort to blog regularly, and to make good on that promise I posted something, like, three days in a row?  And then you didn't hear from me again until today, a full month later?  Yeah, that.  It's becoming a theme, isn't it?

Okay, so here's the wrap-up for mid-October to present day.


We have finally emerged from the dark hole of extracurricular activities with our final commitment of the season being yesterday at McKenna's end of the year banquet.  Elaina's soccer team won one game for the entire season while McKenna's team rode out the year to the bitter end with a second place finish in the Superbowl.  Talk about a tale of two seasons.  Both girls were equally disappointed to see their soccer and cheerleading/football seasons come to an end, and being the supportive and nurturing parents that we are, The General and I tried not to squeal too gleefully as we sped away from the playing field for the last time this fall.  As much as I loved watching them both in their element during games, I can't even tell you how glorious it is to have those two hours back after school each day where we are not rushing through homework, meals, showers, and bedtime.


Halloween happened, but it doesn't really count unless there's a picture to go with it, am I right?  After years of donning the costumes of princesses, fairies, and sweet storybook characters, the girls decided to take a turn to the dark side for this year's Halloween costumes.

What was most amazing to me this year was how much easier trick-or-treating has become.  Despite a minor ongoing shoe malfunction for Elaina, the girls were noticeably more focused on the task at hand. They marched from one house the other next, politely stating their salutations and niceties, before turning to quickly conquer another candy bowl at the neighboring house.  About mid-way down the first street we met up with the Tru Stories family.  Coach, Tink, and Coco joined us for the rest of the route, and while Coco did slow us down considerably it was easy to forgive her with those big eyes peeking up at you from under her hat.


Last weekend we celebrated with Little Miss on her seventh birthday.  First of all, it's beyond me how she can be seven years old already.  I refuse to believe or accept this fact probably in large part because that means my baby is less than half a year away from a similar fate.  Secondly, you will just have to take my word for it when I tell you that Little Miss is growing up into a beautiful young lady as I left her house Saturday night with no photographic proof of this reality.  What I can give you, though, is some (most blurry because I forgot babies don't pose) pictures of two of the cutest boys that have ever crawled (or rolled) over the face of this Earth.

Imagine four aunts/moms crowded around these chubby little faces, marveling at how it wasn't all that long ago that we were doing the exact same thing with their older cousins, The White Tornado and Vince.  Those massive boys are now staring the teenage years in the eye (one taking the fall in less than a month, the other in early February).  Trust me when I tell you they no long tolerate their aunts and mothers cooing over them with silly baby talk; luckily for us the little boys didn't seem to mind.  I could share with you what kind of conversations now take place between adults and these man-children, but I'm still traumatized to speak of it publicly.  Thanks again, BOTD, for scarring me for life.


With Thanksgiving only a little over a week away, talk has naturally turned to Christmas.  I've made a very small dent in my shopping thanks to some online deals over the weekend, but I'm pressuring the girls to come up with some fantastic gift ideas.  As is always the trend, McKenna is requesting nothing (minus a Shake It Up! alarm clock she spied at ToysRUs with my mom) and Elaina's list spans the longest aisle of the largest toy store.  She started writing some ideas down last night while perusing the ToysRUs catalog, and while reading it this morning I've decided child generated wish lists are one of my new favorite things.  The handwriting, the invented spelling, the random scope of gift ideas . . . it all cracks me up.


Now that you're all caught up, check back in sometime after the new year.  I'm sure I'll have a doozy of a post ready for you by then!


Anonymous said...

I must have missed it...when did Shortcake and Punkin get new blog names? I was under the impression that everyone had to use their blog names!! :)

The Page Turner said...

Please don't make the next post their Prom pictures. They are growing up so fast. Beautiful girls!!

Tru Stories said...

My girls are too much. What pose is Tink even making??

And I love your girls in red lipstick! It's their color.

Also... there's a barber chair, empty and waiting for VIP..

The Bride said...

LOVE that you captured the blue eyes on VIP :)

Tru Stories: not till the "blues" are covered up, till then, he's rockin his inner Trump.


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