Friday, November 23, 2012

Apple, Tree

As has become as much of a tradition as turkey and mashed potatoes served during a Thanksgiving feast, Little Miss ventured home with us last night for two days of cousin hijinks while her parents braved the big, bad world of Black Friday shopping.  Most of our day consisted of giggles, a few minor arguments as girls are known to have, makeup application, board games, dress-up, and a couple of Disney movies.  I may or may not have napped unintentionally during at least one of those activities.  Online shopping into the wee hours is almost as exhausting (and exhilarating) as being out among the masses; cut me some slack.

McKenna has had the annual showing of Frosty the Snowman and Frosty Returns on her TV viewing calendar since Tuesday, so just before 7 pm - dressed in PJs with popcorn in hand - we all settled in for an hour of not-so-quality winter themed programming.  I started scanning through some of the programming being offered in the coming week and noticed that ABC Family has some solid options.  As I hit "record" over and over, I mentioned that Mary Poppins will be airing tomorrow afternoon. 

Me:  Oh, "Mary Poppins". Record.
Little Miss (in a reaction that can best be described as ecstatic):  MARY POPPINS?!?  I LOVE Mary Poppins!
The General:  Oh my God, you are my sister's daughter.
Little Miss (insert Valley Girl voice here): It's only, like, the best show ever.
The General:  Hey, if I told you that a "Little House On The Prairie" marathon was happening tomorrow would you be excited about that?
Little Miss:  Yes! I love that show, too!

This exchange was almost as funny as the story she told us almost immediately after about the use of Febreeze in your household.  It's funny when other people's kids don't keep family secrets, you know, secret.

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