Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Hill Is Alive With The Sound Of Me Yelling "Hurry up, we have to GO!"

First, I apologize for the lengthy blog silence.  I assure each and every one of you - especially you, Old Lady, who has checked in twice since my last post and don't think I didn't notice and appreciate each little shout out of concern - that we are all alive and well at One Carbon Hill HQ.  A little exhausted, perhaps.  Slightly frazzled by a hectic pace of life, certainly.  Some days just hoping to get through sun up to sun down without collapsing in a heap of overwhelmed-ness, absolutely.

To catch you up to speed, here's a cliff notes version of what's been happening:
  • The General had his annual vacation last month.  He golfed frequently getting his game down to the low 90s.  We golfed together one day for the first time and he called me a bad golfer.  He said it out of love, and I couldn't get made because he's absolutely correct.
  • McKenna is still cheering with practices back up to an hour and a half, four nights a week.  Her team is 7-1 with playoffs starting this week.  She's very concerned as to whether or not the team is going to win the Superbowl.  I'm more concerned that her squad is not going to learn their routine for their cheer competition next weekend.
  • Elaina's soccer schedule is coming to a close with only two regular season games left.  Her team has yet to win a game, but they don't really seem bothered by this.  The end of the season tournament is on the 27th and as it's a play until you lose scenario and we will likely have grown-up only plans for that evening I have no doubts the team will go on a winning bender just to further stress me out.
  • Life as an SLP is busy as ever, running between three buildings and juggling a caseload of almost 50 students.  I have a really fun group of students this year which is awesome, but for some reason it feels like I'm bringing more work home than ever.  That's probably in large part due to the fact that I'm trying to mix some things up this year and renovation - although worth it in the end - always ends up being a major time suck vortex.  The highlight of my absence was the Madonna concert Tru Stories and I attended - chauffeured by the ever gracious Coach - last month.  I have yet to listen to "Like a Prayer" since the concert for fear that I'll go into an ugly cry remembering how awesome that live moment was.  Totally worth the long delay and zombie-like state I was in for much of the following morning.
I feel like I am on a non-stop game of Beat The Clock most days from the moment just before my eyes open in the morning until I pass out in bed or on the couch, wherever it is that I happen to sit still for more than ten minutes.  It all nearly came to an ugly head last night but thanks to some quality Wednesday night television I was brought back from the brink of a total spastic meltdown.  I've posted a lengthy blog post in my head on this particular topic and maybe I'll get to actually writing in all day for me to read when my children are grown and I'm crying into my margarita about how bored and lonely I am now that they're out of the house.

While I am struggling to find the motivation and inspiration to blog as regularly as I used to, I miss it terribly.  I miss the creative outlet writing provides, I miss connecting with friends and families via comments, I already miss that a chunk of the girls' lives has been undocumented through my voice for them to revisit years from now.  I know that I will look back some day and wish that I had found the time to document this past year as much as I did those before them, but the girls are aging and their blog worthy moments are getting a little more complex.  Plus, thanks to the fact that they can both read and are ridiculously adept at navigating the internet, this blog is becoming slightly more accessible to them.  I want to journal about all the wonderful, terrifying, frustrating, and hilarious moments they bring into our lives but I also want to protect their privacy as they get older.  It's a balance between "What's appropriate for them to know about themselves someday" and "What's appropriate for me to tell the entire world".  I'm struggling to find the answer to this question and will just navigate through it gingerly.

Bear with me friends and know that blog silence does not mean I'm not frequently thinking, "I should blog about that" nor does it mean that I'm not thinking of you, our faithful followers, and how I'm letting you down with sporadic posting.  The Mrs. is trying to get her groove back, believe me.


Tru Stories said...

Typically, I would have been the first person to get mouthy with your absence...
but since I am barely keeping my blog alive, I'm excusing you.

Munchkin said...

you're both better than I... I gave up months ago

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you're back....I am glad you called tonight...glad I can listen...glad you can vent!
Hang in there my dear Daughter....I am you're biggest can do it. One day at a time...breathe. You are a great Mommy, your daughters will tell you that someday, don't be so hard on yourself.
Just remember we Mommy's have all been frazzled a time or two, you're just joining the club. I love you.

Easy Rider said...

We're right there with ya Mrs!

em said...

Random thoughts:

1.) Glad you're still alive.
2.) Maybe you should give your students fun nicknames and blog about them. They'll never know.
3.) I, myself, have murdered my children many times in my mind. Spastic meltdowns will do that to ya.

The Page Turner said...

So glad you are back Mrs.! Busy, busy life. Your days are full. I do not have young children at home and feel like my days have been too full lately!
Enjoyed the read!

you can call me al said...

Yes! Agreed!

Anonymous said...

Did you forget their blog names??
Who is McKenna and who is Elaina??
I'm surprised to see their names in "print"!!!! How about an update on Shortcake and Punkin???


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