Saturday, October 13, 2012

Roller Rink Time Machine

I found a portal to 1988, and it's been right within my line of vision from one of my classrooms for the past decade.

This afternoon Elaina and I spent a couple of hours at our town's roller rink for a classmate's birthday party, and let me tell you, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  This was her first time on skates and I'll try to give you a visual:  imagine a giraffe on ice.  Elaina nailed the imitation to perfection.  Thirty seconds after donning the skates she exclaimed, "Whoa, this is harder than it looks!" and another 45 seconds after that, while clinging to dear life to the half wall along the benches, she shouted, "Mom!  I want you to come skate with me!".  Her death grip on the wall - like a fly stuck to a sticky trap - did little to keep her on eight wheels.
Midway to yet another collapse.  One of her least entertaining falls of the day, I assure you.
I used to spend a significant portion of my pre-teen life during the winter months turning endless circles around our two car garage in my white and red Care Bear roller skates.  I had my skinny purple boom box and a cassette tape consisting of a mix of some of the 80s hottest hits (Rock Me Amadeus on repeat, ya heard) to help me keep the beat, and if you drove by our house and saw the cars parked in the driveway with the garage door closed?  You can bet that I was in there dreaming of award winning routines at national roller skating competitions.  It should be noted that I never mastered the backward skate and stopping on a dime wasn't something I was adept at, so these dreams were far fetched, but still.  Hours were spent turning small circles around that garage.

However, those days were a life time ago and I haven't donned a pair of roller skates since early junior high.  Lacing up the rented skates this afternoon brought dual waves of nostalgia and dread over me as I contemplated just how badly I could hurt myself while keeping my pride in tact in front of a group of six year olds and their parents.  I was fairly certain before the day was over I was going to be calling The General en route to the emergency room.

I'm happy to report that despite numerous spectacular falls from Elaina (two of which resulted in a minor forehead contusions after a run-in with both the roller rink floor and the bathroom counter top and another two falls that sent me to the ground with her as a result of tripping over her), neither of us were injured beyond a few bruises.  I was seriously concerned that I was going to lose control of my bladder as hard as I was laughing during her first trip around the rink, but by about the third trip around we was starting to get the groove.  We switched out her skates for a pair that strap onto her street shoes and that, coupled with her increasing confidence, seemed to make all the difference.  I nearly lost her again, though, as she seemed to forget that dancing on roller skates - especially dancing as vigorously as she does - is a very different ballgame.  She really had to reign in it during "Boyfriend" and "I'm Sexy and I Know It" to keep from injuring herself.

Elaina and her friend, the birthday girl
Going into the second hour of the party, Elaina confidently declared that skating is awesome, McKenna was going to be so jealous, and she never wanted the party to end.  I feel like there might be some skate party play dates in our future this winter, and I'm just praying that my two hours on wheels today allows me the ability to get out of bed unassisted tomorrow.  And who knows, maybe someone will get a pair of roller skates from Santa this year.  We can start the second generation of garage roller skating by the first of the year.


The Page Turner said...

It is so nice to have you back! Picture is priceless!! You had a great day.
Love the new look.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I love the new change yours with the seasons just like your Mom changes the mail box!! See, you do have some of my genes.

I loved the brought memories back to me as well....that heated garage served so many purposes! I still hear the music and the endless circles I watched as I prepared food in the kitchen. You forgot to mention you also could sweep the drive way while on your skates..I think you've found your winter exercise program! May Care Bear Skates come in adult sizes now! Mom


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