Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Friends' Kids Are So Lucky

Our middle school put on a production of "The Little Mermaid" this past weekend, and as a fun Sunday afternoon activity I decided to take the girls to see the final performance.  Thinking about how it's been far too long since we had a fun afternoon play date with our Beach Wednesday crew, I sent out a mass email Saturday afternoon inviting some of our favorite people to join us.  Three of the five families were able to join us, and all the attendees - kids and adults alike - were awed and impressed with the wonderful musical.

After the show the four moms loaded up the ten kids and we invaded the nearest pizza place for an early dinner.  The look of fear in the eyes of the unprepared servers - a man and woman who, I'm sure, were counting on a quiet Sunday afternoon thanks to the combination of wet, windy weather and afternoon football - made us giggle.  We were a sight to behold as we tried to reign in the kids' enthusiasm to a quiet roar, and it was a unanimous decision to seat all the kids at one end of the table so that the moms could sit together to catch up once we had them all settled.

Mid-dinner, I looked across the table at my friends and then scanned down the table to see our children.  All of them - from the three year old to the ten year old - were sitting politely in their seats, eating their food and sharing friendly conversation and laughs.  Just then, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride in the awesome job my friends are doing as moms.  This feeling wasn't exclusive to the three women sitting with me; I, in that moment, was proud of ALL my mommy friends - those who stay home and those who work full time.  Those that are doing it alone and those that are co-parenting with a partner.  The moms of one and the moms of many.

Every single one of my friends are amazing mothers to their children.  You name a positive adjective and they embody it - devoted, present, patient, involved, dedicated, loving, encouraging, nurturing.  I am a better mom to my girls thanks to them, for rejuvenating me with similar war stories and giving advice and support when it's needed.  These kids have no idea how lucky they are.

So here's a shout out to all my friends.  Keep on trucking, ladies.  Hold your head up and high and know that you are doing some amazing things with those babies of yours.  The incredible human beings they are turning out to be is living proof of your awesomeness as a mom.  Thanks for continually providing inspiration to me and all the other moms surrounding you.  I am so incredibly blessed to be part of this wonderful community of women.


Anonymous said... got it....that's what it's all about...and you will still need it when your children are in their 30's, etc.
Life is tough we're better together.
Mom / Gramma Poke

Tru Stories said...

Had I been able to accept your invite (rather than a family day at the Pumpkin Patch in the rain)... and my children had also been there... and when you looked down the table and saw Coco licking the other kids forks (not to mention the table just for good measure)... I wonder if you still would have written this post??


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