Friday, October 12, 2012

Mixed Emotions

So while we were on our little blogging hiatus, you may be shocked to learn two things.

First, I am now apparently the mother to a teenager by the looks of the girl in the picture below.  I don't know where my chubby faced baby went, but she's obviously been replaced by this beautiful young lady.  I'm not sure how to feel about this; I can't stop staring at this picture trying to wrap my brain around the fact that this is, in fact, my daughter, that it is totally possible for me to have a child who looks this grown up.  I look at her most days and still think she's five.  This picture is making this pretty much impossible.  Am I excited that she's growing and thriving and loving life . . . of course.  More than a little nostalgic that this growing up thing is happening at lightning speed?  Uh, yeah.

Even more jarring is this recent revelation.  It appears as though a certain first grader is starting to rock some serious /r/ sounds.  Those beginning /r/ sounds have been coming for awhile, but almost overnight  middle and final /r/ sounds are creeping their way into her still-loud-as-always speech.  I am, obviously, very excited about this turn of events for I was certain she would be the child of a speech-language pathologist who as an adult enjoyed "weading" and taking "twips with huh fwiends" and "eating tuhkey sandwiches with yoguht" with her husband "Justin Biebuh".  At the same time I have become everything I used to be against.  "It's so funny and cute when she mispronounces words," I've been shocked to hear myself say on multiple occassions.  But it's true.  Her lack of an /r/ sound is such a part of who she is it breaks my heart a little bit to see it fading away.

Maybe you won't notice the improvement, but it's there.  Trust me.  It's more evident in her conversational speech than in the single word drill I put her through.  Also, a quick poll:  would it be wrong of me to encourage her to continue visiting "Mawsha's" spa?  Because that mispronunciation is a major fan favorite.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your back and full of words....makes me smile OL

The Page Turner said...

Wow, the cheerleader picture is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Keep mawsha's spa...its a classic!


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