Monday, August 6, 2012

Where In The World Is One Carbon Hill?

1. Various bodies of water in nearby towns. Swimming, boating, sand castle building, hanging with friends. You know, the typical summer itinerary.

2. Practice fields. Shortcake is going into her third week of cheer leading practice and tonight is Punkin's second soccer practice for the fall season. We have one weekend left of freedom before we are consumed with soccer and football games until the end of October. I'm trying not to mourn the end of a spontaneous social life too deeply.

3. Lake Shelbyville. The General and I enjoyed the hell out of another weekend of houseboat fun with friends sans children. We both brought home killer colds and The General managed to fry his front side something fierce, but we didn't let that slow us down.

4. Michigan. My mom and I took the girls north for a weekend visit with extended family. A trip to the zoo, more time at two different lakes, ATV riding, dog walking, and lots of laughter summed up that trip most succinctly. Shortcake and Punkin were most awed by the one hour time change ("So, right now it's really 4 pm at home even though the clock says 5 pm here?") and water beds ("I've always heard about these things. I didn't know they really existed!"), respectively.

5. London. Okay, so although I'm not physically across The Pond in jolly ol' England, I am most certainly there in spirit. I can not get enough of the 2012 games, soaking up as much as I can through live daytime broadcasting, previously taped prime time footage, and endless internet scouring for additional stories and social media updates from the athletes themselves. Being two degrees of separation from an Olympic Silver Medalist is certainly fueling the fire. Run, Galen, run! His next race is the 5,000 meter prelims at 4:45 am Wednesday morning. I think someone might be setting an early alarm to watch the live stream . . .

Even The General and the girls are getting into the Olympic spirit. The girls love gymnastics and The General loves screaming at the athletes from competing nations to fall. We're all about spreading good sportsmanship in the spirit of the Olympic games.

Summer is quickly coming to a close so we're trying to soak up as much as we can before it's back to chaos.


Anonymous said...

I was going to post a comment tonight if your blog had not must have been reading my mind...your fans miss you! Mom/Gramma Poke

The Page Turner said...

A friend of mine sent me a message that she wished your Mom would get after you again so you would blog! Is it just me or has this summer gone too fast!!


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