Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Piggybacking Off Munchkin's Post

Picture it.

In the driveway of Mr. and Mrs. MC's home, The General and Drmmr7 are standing - one on a ladder - next to the passenger side door of The General's truck. Drmmr7 is holding a wire hanger, unfolded into a straight piece of thin metal, carefully threading it inside the truck's interior. Two flat head screwdrivers are wedged carefully between the seal of the door and the truck's frame. I'm sure there is some mild cursing as well.

Munchkin and her Match Guy saunter up from their parking spot on the street where Munchkin greets her brother by asking this question:

"You lock your keys in your truck?"

And without a moment's hesitation, The General gives her his response:

"No, I'm just training for the car theft Olympics".

A slightly stressful situation turned out to produce probably my single favorite exchange between an equally sarcastic brother and sister. I still laugh every time I think about it. Nineteen years in this family and STILL I am floored by their ability to produce a sarcastic response with the same ease it takes them to take in a breath.


Grama JG said...

Perhaps they have some "Jersey" in them. One of our teachers always complimented us for being "quick on the uptake"...I like to think it was for quick retorts...always sarcastic!!!

Munchkin said...

and then I got pooped on


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