Monday, June 25, 2012

Now Back After A Brief Hiatus And Accompanying Guilt Trips From My Mother

Tap, tap, tap.

Is this thing on?

Well, hello there dear friends and family!

I'm here to announce that contrary to any rumors or fears, the crew of One Carbon Hill is still here, alive and well despite the two week radio silence at this here blog. Did you miss us?

Summer is in full swing, and I guess a busy schedule of enjoying warm days and lazy nights has gotten me out of a blogging routine. I heard the masses (aka Tru Stories and my mom) loud and clear last night and before they stage a total coup in anger and frustration I thought I better get back behind the keyboard.

I've tried to pinpoint what it is that has kept me from actively showering all of you with the mundane stories that originate from this tribe I call my own, and I think it comes down to one simple fact: the girls are growing up. Long gone are the stories of potty training hilarity, or silly misuse of common words (although Shortcake did substitute the word "genre" for "gender" when talking about The Duncan's new baby today which I found amusing), or other tales that accompany life with wee ones. Days of summer being scheduled around naps and mandatory early bedtimes have morphed into more laid back days of spontaneity. Now the girls play together in their rooms for hours while I sit lazily reading a book on the back porch. I can send them outside to play on their own with minimal supervision. They assist me in cleaning up messes, both their own and any other that I request them to assist with (with varying degrees of willingness, mind you). We can go to the beach and I can comfortably sit in a circle with my friends, glancing up only momentarily every few minutes for visual confirmation that they are still alive. For the first time I'm realizing that previous exhausting years of frantically chasing toddlers - keeping them safe from dangers in and out of the house - really do fade into more relaxed days of peace and quiet. For those of you still soldiering their way through those days with a newborn, toddler or preschooler at home? I'm here to tell you: It gets better. Stay strong. It's glorious on the other side if you can just make it out alive.

I think in keeping with this revelation, I'm going to attempt to blog every day for the next five days highlighting this theme of growing up. Much of it will probably be photo comparisons of how much the girls have changed over the years, maybe with a few introspective moments of wisdom thrown in for prosperity, but I suppose it's better than coming here to see a still shot of Harvard boys mid-dance sequence day after day. Also, keep an eye on my Twitter feed in the right sidebar. I usually update the feed with a picture of some random thing every couple of days. It's no blog post, but it's something to tide you over between posts.

And at the very least, no matter how much you've grown up one thing always rings true. When your mom tells you to do something, you better get on it before things get ugly. So here we go . . .


Anonymous said...

Dear Sweet Daughter, I am so glad you're back. I have MISSED YOU! Can't wait to see what unfolds at OCH! Oh, thanks again for the fireworks to see all of the "kids" with their "kids". Man, time flies by fast.
Your biggest fan, Mom

Just remember this famous line:

"If Mama isn't happy aint nobody happy"!

Tina said...

Last summer I told myself, "Next summer will be easier when the girls are a little bit older."

This summer I am telling myself, "Next summer will be easier when the girls are a little bit older".

Glad to hear that someday I can sit in the sun and read a book at a time other than when the girls are napping.

Welcome back!


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