Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Matter of Hours

It's only a matter of hours until Summer Vacation Twenty-Twelve officially begins. Two of the girls in this house are sad about the end of school, one to the point of tears on her last day of kindergarten. The third female in the house says BRING. IT. ON.

Perfect attendance, by the way. Woot!

I'm now taking suggestions for Summer Fun Day Activities. Let's hear 'em!


Tru Stories said...

Let's meet so we can plan every second together!
me and my girls are gonna stalk you guys.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Short Cake! Gramma is proud of YOU!
You are looking more like a third grader every time I see you....let's enjoy the summer!
Gramma Poke

Tina said...

Trip to the Northland?

Anonymous said...

Spend some time with a cute little chunky Pebbles at the lake so her mommy can get a much needed tan!!


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