Monday, May 7, 2012

Every Day Is Better When The Carnival Is In Town

I can't stop looking at these pictures. Taken at Saturday's Doggone Good BBQ Contest/Springfest as part of the Rt. 66 Red Carpet Corridor, the fun these seven cousins had on this one ride was the highlight of my day.

Okay, that's a lie. Getting to love on my niece, Pebbles, and nephew, Wilder, were the highlight of my day. BUT! Listening to the squeals, giggles, and screams as the big kids went up and down over and over again on the free-fall frog ride was definitely a close second. It was almost priceless, and I say almost because at $2 a ride per person, I really wasn't feeling like taking out a small loan to let their joy continue for hours on end. Luckily for my own daughters Ginger came to their rescue and presented them with two extra tickets. Aunts really are the best.

I would also like to point out to The Commissioner that contrary to his statement at the start of the day, at least one of his daughters does smile as evidenced by the look of pure exhilaration on her face in nearly every one of these pictures.

Also, Commish, what are the odds we could get this carnival set-up for Sunday's Mother's Day lunch out at GG's? I'm sure you could pull some strings, right? I mean, the electric car was fun and everything last year, but maybe we could step it up just a little bit for 2012?

Oh, and while we're mentioning Pebbles, it's been awhile since she's made an appearance here. If you can stand it, please feast your eyes on this little sweetheart.

It's been widely agreed upon by multiple sources that it takes a great level of restraint not to squeeze those arms and cheeks to the point of injury. I promise, I'm considering seeking some professional help, but seriously. She's irresistible.

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Grama JG said...

Pebbles has Gizmo's "marshmallow" arms!! Mitch used to say that her arms look like 3 marshmallows in a row!!How can you not want to eat her up??!!


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