Thursday, May 24, 2012

And Just Like That I'm The Mother Of A Third And First Grader

At 9:15 am this morning, our summer vacation officially began. While I am beyond thrilled at the prospect of two and a half months filled with adventures with my girls, The General, and our friends & family, I'm still reeling a little bit at the fact that I am now the mom of a first grader and a third grader. Say this out loud for me: "Shortcake is in third grade". Did you feel a lump form in your throat? Maybe threw up in your mouth a little bit when you said those words? No? Just me? Oh, well, then let's just continue then before this gets awkward.

The girls both finished the year strong. The comments their teachers wrote at the end of each of their report cards made me beam with pride.

"McKenna's happy personality just 'made my day' so many times this year! I will really miss her."

"Elaina had a great year! She's became a wonderful reader and writer. She contributes great ideas to discussions, she follows directions, and she does a fantastic job on her work. She's enthusiastic, friendly, and fun. I loved being her teacher!"
Following report card day, our first adventure of the summer was a picnic lunch and play day at Goose Lake Prairie Park. It's one of our go-to local spots for a day of fun and exploration. It wouldn't be fair to paint a picture of our day without also telling you that five hours into our summer vacation Punkin had her first official meltdown, but at least we've now got that out of the way.

Swimming, zoo trips, play dates, out of state visits to extended family, beach days, boat trips, library visits, napping, park hopping, lake lounging, firework watching, carnival attending...these are just a few of the things we plan to pack in between now and August 15th. It's going to be great fun.

P.S. The hugging-like-their-lives-depended-on-it poses in both of these pictures was totally spontaneous. They won't admit it just yet, but these two really are each others best friends.


The Page Turner said...

Punkin looks like a 1st Grader with one toe in high school! She is going to be something!

Tru Stories said...

Best friends...
so then they probably don't wonder what their rooms would look like, if the other sista was hit by a car?? Weird.

Congrats on report cards.
I love all the smarties in this family.


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