Monday, April 16, 2012

What I Learned Last Weekend

The girls had a jammed packed weekend of sleepovers this weekend, sleeping away from home both Friday and Saturday nights. They were invited to a good friend's slumber party on Friday night. The General and the father of the birthday girl hosting the party made hasty plans to be far, far away from the slumber party site; so, seeing as how my friend was going solo against nine screechy girls I took it upon myself to serve as her backup for the early portion of the party. No one should leave their friend to fend for themselves against two six year olds and seven eight year olds. There was the very real possibility she might not have made it out alive.

Anyway, as part of helping out, I walked away from that party on Friday night with two very important nuggets of information.

  1. Shortcake has a boyfriend. His name is Aidan and he asked her. Details on what dating in second grade have not yet been divulged although that obtaining that information is currently occupy the number one spot on my list of things to accomplish.
  2. Punkin is the resident crier at slumber parties. There's always got to be one - you know the one sobbing incoherently for no apparent reason while the rest of the girls stand and stare, dumfounded and bewildered - and apparently she's it.
I am happy about exactly zero of these developments. I probably really should have just left my wing man, picked up an order of Chinese food, and watched a chick flick on Netflix has I had originally planned. It would have been better for my emotional well-being than being privy to this information.

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The Page Turner said...

Seriously laughed out loud at Punkin being the cryer. Hilarious.


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