Thursday, April 26, 2012

We Shop At Target And Kohl's, So This Will Likely Not Be An Issue At Our House

Perusing my go-to for all late breaking news,, a story about prom attire and dress codes caught my attention. I've seen enough pictures of recent homecomings and proms to know that the trend for dresses has been a "less is more" approach in recent years, a fad which I can't say I'm embracing now that I have two young daughters of my own. Can someone remind me again when it was exactly that I became my mother?

Anyway, reading the article about the need for monitor hem lengths and cleavage exposure didn't really knock me back until I read this little tidbit of information:

In Crawford, Texas, one parent says there no question prom is a busy time for families, with parents spending up to hundreds of dollars on clothes, meals, tickets and transportation. Parents will spend about $1,078 on the big dance this year, compared to $807 last year, according to a survey by Visa.

Wha, wha, WHAT?

I'm sorry, but spending over $1000 for your child's prom? An event that will last no more than five hours? Oh no. Just no.

I went to three proms while in high school. I spent a total of $0 on the dresses, all borrowed from the daughter of my dad's co-worker who lived in a neighboring town. She was in teen pageants while in high school so the dresses I had to choose from were lovely and basically brand new. My dad created my bouquets, and my mom did my hair. As far as transportation costs, one year we rode in my friend's mom's minivan with three other couples, another year we borrowed a sweet demo car from my dad, and the third year we splurged and split the cost of a limo with another couple (with my portion coming out of my own pocket, not my parents'). My mom & dad did purchase jewelry and shoes to go with my dress each year, all of which combined probably totaled less than $100. The biggest expense for all three proms was the cost of the mandatory (or so I thought) tanning sessions. I'm pretty sure I paid for those myself too. If I had to guess, in mid-1990s dollars, how much was spent on all three proms combined? I'd say it was no more than $300. Granted, I am not taking into account those costs The General shouldered including the cost of our tickets (maybe $50?) or the post-prom festivities the day after (watching movies at home, bleacher seats at a Cubs game, and picnic/hiking at Starved Rock respectively for the three years), but still we were nowhere near that four figure mark.

I know that girls are purchasing extravagant and extremely expensive gowns for their proms, and that's fine with me if that's how that family wants to spend their money. We have a long way to go before this becomes a major topic of discussion at our house, but I just hope my girls know that when the time comes if they think I'm going to buy them a dress that cost more than my own wedding gown they obviously don't know me all that well. Secretly I have my fingers crossed that between out-of-town friends and older cousins we'll be able to do a little prom dress switcheroo for a second generation.

I mean upcycled dresses are totally still in fashion, right?

(For some reason, I can not find any pictures of The General and I at our first prom so you'll have to settle for a picture of The Girls of '96 instead. Trust me though, he was there, spending the majority of the night slyly sneaking peaks at my own inappropriately and unintentionally exposed cleavage. Strapless dresses and I have never been friends.)


Coach said...

Could you be any cuter in that strapless green dress?!!

Coach was called over to view the pics and point out everyone to me. He was very excited by The General's haircut in the last pic.

I liked his "I'm too cool for highschool, hand in the pocket stance."

PS- Never will you view my prom pics on my blog.

Tru Stories said...

That Comment was from Tru Stories... not Coach.

Though that 'Could you be any cuter' line, looks pretty funny now.

Tina said...

Oh. My. God. I can't believe you posted those pictures. Classic! Those Starved Rock days were sure fun!

On the whole prom/cost/cleavage issue, that's not what I am worried about most for my own two daughters. Have you ever seen high school kids "dance"? And by dance, I mean grind up on each other's crotch. Mitch was shocked the first time he chaperoned a dance with me.

Anonymous said...

Yep, prom is crazy! Most girls in my area spend like $600 on a dress, and tickets are close to $100. And wow, haven't seen nylons like that in a long time! =)


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