Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not One Story Here Is Anything But The Truth

Yesterday Punkin approached The General to make a confession.  A few days ago, while the girls' bathroom was occupied, Punkin went into The General's bathroom to take care of an emergency situation.  The situation was so urgent, in fact, that she failed to notice that the toilet lid was down.  So naturally she just sat down and started using the restroom, creating a bit of a "wet floor situation".  No big deal, silly mistake.  However, for whatever reason, she failed to inform either of us of this "situation".  Rather, The General was confronted with what he assumed was a "failed pipe/leaky toilet situation" hours later. 

Was it disgust or relief he felt when he realized, thanks to Punkin's voluntary confession, that it was just pee he mopped up?  I guess I'll have to ask him.

Oh, also, Punkin has requested that at her next hair appointment, in addition to her ordinary cut and style, she'd also like a color change.  She thinks she's ready to go red.

Honestly, she is one of the weirdest kids I know.


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