Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mr. V.I.P.

The Easter Bunny made an extra special delivery while hopping around depositing baskets filled with candy this year. This year's treat is a little someone who shall hereby be known as Wilder.

Van Irwin Patten
8 pounds, 3 ounces
21 inches long
born on Sunday, April 8 at 2:37 pm

I know I say this with every newborn niece and nephew, but can I just brag once again about how incredibly cute this little sweetheart is? Seriously, I went so far today as to declare Van to be even cuter than my own daughters were as newborns. As The Bride so impartially stated, there are a lot of ugly newborns out there but hers is certainly not one of them.

With a perfectly round face, skin like porcelain, and the cutest little pout, this little man had me declaring my desire for another newborn within the first ten minutes of holding him. The fact that I said that isn't so much a surprise, but the elapsed time might be a record. There is nothing more intoxicating than being in the presence of a content, hours old infant. His little sighs were enough to bring tears to my eyes.

And let's just take a minute to talk about Van's beautiful little head. Never have I seen a newborn with such soft, curly hair. He's got a little swoop of hair just at the top of his forehead that is absolutely the most precious thing of all time. How is The Bride going to ever accomplish anything ever again with this little angel around her?

I was not alone in my infatuation. Cousin Love was in full effect, with Van's sweet little bird like cries being found especially entertaining. My girls looked like giants cradling Van's tiny little eight pound body doing nothing at all to help suppress my desire to give them another sibling immediately.

Little Wilder, our family's V.I.P., we were so happy to welcome you into the world today. Your arrival was the talk of the day, a highlight bigger than any Easter egg hunt could produce, an event much anticipated and celebrated. You have a host of family members that can not wait to watch you grow up, and even more that are waiting patiently to share story after story of the crazy antics of your father.

If I can promise you one thing, it is this: you will grow up surrounded by love always. Never will you go a day not knowing how much you are loved by so many.

Welcome to the world, little man. We are so glad you are finally here!


Flag Girl said...

Congrats!! It was a very fun ending for the Easter Party!

The Page Turner said...

Very well written Mrs.! He is adorable. Congratulations to the family for another beautiful baby.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Patten family! He is precious. I will be enjoy all the stories his "big cousins" will tell Gramma Poke! Can't wait to see him in person.

Cath said...

Such a beautiful baby! He's definitely a keeper! Congrats to your whole family.

The Bride said...

I'm glad everyone finds him to be a keeper! We are in love... <3 :) Thank you for your kind words Mrs.

Doc said...

He really is supercute!! Congrats

Tru Stories said...

After reading this blog, I am certain I should not hold this baby for at least 10 months.
As poor Coach knows,
nobodys baby fever spikes hotter than mine.

this blog did peak my interest on The Mrs getting preggos again. If you wanna keep hanging with our group, you really need a third kid. It's sorta an unwritten rule.

Auntie M said...

love the hair! he is just beautiful, that's no surprise with his gene pool, beauties are a given! congrats to all!

Tina said...

Adorable! I also agree with Tru Stories - you should shave a third. Do it! Do it!

Congratulations Doug and Cathy!

The General said...

@Tru Stories - We no longer wish to hang out with you.

The General said...

@Tru Stories - We no longer wish to hang out with you.

Tru Stories said...

You're already hooked on us. You couldn't quit us, even if you tried.

Just have another baby.
Somebody has too.
(insert pissy face.)


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