Monday, March 5, 2012

Seventh Heaven

Jacob Daniel Lauritsen
born at 2:31 am on Monday, March 5th
7 pounds, 15 oz and 20 inches long

Little Jacob makes me an aunt ten times over, and I can say this without hesitation or doubt: welcoming a new niece or nephew into my life will never, ever cease to be amazing. There's nothing like starting your day with a picture announcing the newest family member's arrival or the anticipation of the moment you'll finally get to hold this little bundle of love in your arms for the first time. Looking at this picture brings tears of happiness to my eyes every single time.

Jacob, you have been born into a family filled with love and we can not wait to shower you with our affection. Your mommy has predicted that you will have no problem keeping up with your older siblings and cousins. The last nine months you've proved to be a mover and a shaker, and it will be a privilege to watch as you prove whether or not those predictions are right. Welcome to the world, little man. We are so glad you are here!


Doc said...

Congratulations!! Welcome Jacob!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations...Can't wait to hear all of the details his older cousins will tell Gramma. Welcome Jacob!

Tru Stories said...

Seven babies!!! So crazy!
And yet... she's a better mother than I am, to only three.
I think this one seems to look a little more like Mommy's side.

The Page Turner said...

He is absolutely beautiful!!

Munchkin said...

I held him for awhile tonight. He is indeed a mover and a shaker.

you can call me al said...

Thank you!
Mrs. -- you made me tear up with his intro to the blog world. We are so very thankful that he is here, safe and sound.

Flag Girl said...

Welcome Jacob! Congrats to the whole clan! How beautiful!

Cath said...

Congrats on your new, beautiful addition. Love the name! Both of my brothers' names :)


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