Thursday, March 15, 2012

He's THAT Uncle

Tonight we traveled south for a long over due, much anticipated first time snuggle with the newest member of The General's family. First, I must say I'm retracting my initial statements upon seeing his first picture and declaring I believe AL might finally have a baby that actually resembles her side of the family. Secondly, he is more adorable than pictures let on. Oh man, is he cute. And third, his newborn baby scent is in full effect and it was intoxicating. I asked The General if we could just rent a newborn for, like, three days and he flat out refused before I could even finish my sentence. He's such a buzz kill.

Unless you are one of older his nieces or nephews, and then you might consider him downright hilarious.

For example, a brief version of tonight's fun:

(background: somehow the topic turned to The General being the smartest person alive. Can't remember why or how but it's that singular statement that led to the following event.)

The General: I'm the smartest person you'll ever know. I know everything.
The White Tornado: (laughing, maybe a little uncomfortably)
The General: Go ahead, ask me anything.
The White Tornado: (more laughing)
The General: I bet I'm the only person in this room who knows what a "buttfor" is.

Relish, Munchkin, BOTD, AL, The Mrs., The White Tornado: (more laughing, some knowingly, others skeptically)

The Mrs.: (silently asked, inside her head) Okay. I don't get it. What is a . . . Oh. Em. Gee. (cue eyeroll)
The White Tornado: (walks out of room, retrieves dictionary, starts searching)

BOTD, Munchkin, BOTD: (school girl like giggling)

Finally, after he realized Webster was not going to give up a proper definition we convinced The White Tornado to just ask The General what this new vocabulary word meant. He needed a little sentence starter to get the full effect ("Start your question with 'What is ______'"); naturally The General's answer of "to poop with, silly" was a huge hit. I'm sure it will go over real well with the St. Mary's crowd when it's repeated after spring break.

The General. Teaching his nieces and nephews inappropriate actions and words since 1996.


Anonymous said...

It's still really funny I laugh every time I read it.


Munchkin said...

on a scale of 1-10, how sad would it be if i told that joke at work?

The Bride said...

I've told a minimum of 5 ppl since I've read that...

Tru Stories said...

I had to read it outloud to myself...


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