Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Genetics Win Out Again

It was sometime around third grade when I first told my mom that I thought I needed glasses. Sitting in the back of Ms. Sanckun's class, the words on the board just didn't seem as clear and crisp as they used to. My mom brushed off my complaints, giving me the age old advice to just move closer to the board. She was certain that my life long desire for glasses (truth: I used to get those plastic kid sized sunglasses, pop out the dark lenses, and wear them as eyeglasses often while reading a map in the backseat of the car) was manifesting itself once again and that I certainly wasn't having enough trouble to warrant a trip to the eye doctor.

Fast forward THREE YEARS to my sports physical for sixth grade basketball. As part of the appointment, the doctor asked me to read the eye chart, and aside from the big E and the line below it, I honestly could not make out any other letters. The doctor's prognosis (and his exact words): other than being blind as a bat, I was perfectly healthy. My mom - sheepish and slightly embarrassed by her obvious neglectful parenting - finally agreed to take me for a vision exam where my life as a nearsighted individual began.

The General has also been a long time sufferer of poor eyesight. I think he mentioned that he also got classes for the first time sometime around the junior high years. I do know that he was at least old enough for The Talk, as his mom seized the opportunity to engage in this discussion with him as he was trapped in the car with her - alone - during the drive between an eye doctor appointment and a regional basketball game. I'm sorry, but to this day this is still one of my favorite Peggy stories. The General was more than a little bit traumatized, but the thought of his mom using this chance to have a little heart-to-heart with her son about the birds and the bees without the chance for him to escape makes me laugh every time I think about it.

When Shortcake had her vision exam for kindergarten, the eye doctor said that she was very mildly farsighted, but that this is not uncommon and she would probably grow out of it. A couple of months ago she started complaining of frequent headaches. At first I thought it might have been a function of our crazy up-and-down weather patterns, but after a couple of weeks I started to think that maybe it would be a good idea to take her back for a follow-up visit with the eye doctor.

The verdict: another one bites the dust.

She is still mildly farsighted, and she wears her new glasses only for reading and homework. She's done really well with them so far, and although I didn't think it was possible the consensus is that she's even cuter with them on. While she was picking out her new frames, the lady who was helping us made the very astute observation that Shortcake just has a face for glasses - any pair she tried on was going to look cute. I'd say she's making the sometimes awkward transition from cute little girl to lovely young lady look easy.


Anonymous said...

From one glasses wearer to look beautiful gotta be one tough lady to wear glasses in this world......Old Lady......

The Page Turner said...

I LOVE the glasses on Shortcake. Now, please make all the little girls stop growing up. Seriously! Stop playing. I want cute, little sweeties not these beautiful older girls.

Munchkin said...

you look beautiful shortcake! I need new glasses, I might get a pair like that

Anonymous said...

I agree, beautiful!!
Jd in gc

Tru Stories said...

Shortcake always looks cute. Cute and perfect. Never a messy moment.
I wish I had an un-messy daughter.

Is it just me... or are the Comment Designed Codewords getting more and more difficult?
I can barely remember what the post was about, after I read my 'I'm not a robot' code I have to type in.

Anonymous said...

You're right,Tru Stories, these codewords are almost impossible to read on my computer...they're almost blurry WITH my reading glasses!! Maybe it's someone's way of reducing the # of comments being made??!!!

Tina said...

Adorable, Shortcake! Way to rock the specs!


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