Thursday, March 29, 2012

Conquering Her Fears

We've made attendance at our town's Easter Scramble an annual event since Punkin was just a year old. What was once an event that I looked forward to with excited anticipation, it is now one that I attend with a heavy sense of dreaded obligation only because my children guilt me into it. The event itself has transformed over the years almost as much as our girls have. For a quick recap on previous years, you can click here or here or here (you'll notice last year's event is missing courtesy of poor event advertising thereby resulting in record low attendance).

The biggest news coming out of this year's event was that Punkin finally conquered a life long fear and actually sat next to the Easter Bunny. Yes, she's almost six years old and this is probably not groundbreaking news. However, this blog has basically served as the girls' baby books so I thought it was only fitting that I chronicle this important milestone here.

Shortcake was as brave as ever. This year she decided was a good time to loudly announce in front of several preschool aged children, "I'm pretty sure that's just a costume". We had a brief, hushed conversation about how although her suspicious are spot on, it's better to keep that information to ourself to avoid ruining the mystique for the younger crowd. Something tells me the mystery of Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy may be coming to a end for our oldest girl.

On another note, can I just be fussy for a minute? I know these suits are only brought out once a year, but seriously. Even I was a little bit afraid of this year's Easter Bunny with his thread bare, matted fur and crazy eyes.

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Munchkin said...

she figured out that a six foot tall creature wearing a hideous vest and sitting like a human is not an actual rabbit?



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