Thursday, February 2, 2012

She Rides

Tonight I experienced the same set of emotions that I imagine a mother bird must as she watches her baby birds fly free from her nest: heart swelling with pride at a major accomplishment met with accompanying pain in the pit of my stomach at the knowledge that her access to the world just became a little bit wider. You know, if birds actually have emotions that is.

It was a long time coming - a significant fraction of her biggest supporters believed it might never come to fruition - but tonight Shortcake finally showed her bike who is boss.

We tried multiple techniques, Googling and canvasing advice from parents who've been there before, and almost all trials were met with Shortcake's steadfast hesitation and trepidation. We bought her a new bike thinking that would be motivation to learn. When she refused to try riding without training wheels we took the bike away thinking that would be motivation learn. She could not be swayed by the fact that all her friends and even some friends two to three years younger were riding with wild abandon. She was as happy as could be riding her Hello Kitty bike with four wheels to the road.

We should have just trusted in her timing. Because here she is, by the fading light of a mild Illinois mid-winter evening, riding her bike like it's no big deal.

You go, Shortcake. Ride on with your bad self.


Munchkin said...

Go Shortcake! Tell her not to worry, I was two years older than she when I finally learned.

Anonymous said...

Way to go! Gramma is looking forward to riding her bike with her.

Another checkmark off her "bucket list".

Tru Stories said...

So you are telling me this runs in the family?? Tink is totally content to just move slowly down the road with training wheels... like it's nothin.
Totally doesnt mind that her 'little' cousin Owl has been without training wheels for a year. So if I'm lucky, she is following the path of Munchkin (not just in mini-me height) but will also be on her 4 wheel toddler bike til she is 8 or 9????

oh- congrats Shortcake

you can call me al said...

Congratulations, Shortcake!

And yes, Tru Stories, it does run in the family. I used to like to hold onto the excuse that the gravel stopped me,(it's harder to learn to ride and fall on gravel, right?) but I somehow doubt that it really made any difference.


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