Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Looking Her Best

Let me start this post by saying I may never recover from tonight's main event.

Secondly, let me share this definitive statement: if there is such a thing as an extra "awesome gene," this DNA quirk is most certainly hereditary probably transferred from father to second born daughter.

Let me provide some background before continuing. Punkin's kindergarten concert was tonight, and in an adorable group of nearly 150 five and six year olds, she STOLE. THE. SHOW.

Dressed in her fanciest dress with hair curled just so (she declared multiple times that she "just wanted to look her best" for tonight's concert; I drew the line at her requests for red lipstick to complete the desired look), she sashayed onto the risers with confidence. After securing her place, she then proceeded to wave, hand over her eyes to provide some shade from the bright glare of the stage lights, in our general direction at the back half of the auditorium for approximately five minutes. She was the only waving past the first 30 seconds on stage.

At the appropriate time, she walked up to the microphone in the first group of speakers, delivered her line flawlessly, and then returned to her designated spot to join her classmates in singing the first song of the evening. Upon finishing that song, she proceeded to blow kisses with the flourish of a newly crowned Miss America into the crowd for a full minute. This carried over to the second song as well.

Things started to become a blur of a humor, humiliation, and horror cocktail into the third song as I watched my baby on stage whooping it up for her audience. I wiped tears from my eyes multiple times - tears of joy or embarrassment, I couldn't really tease them apart. I laughed when my dad rightfully proclaimed, "She's spazzing out up there!". I froze in my seat as she started to pull up on the skirt of her dress, suppressing every urge to run up on that stage and yank her off that riser before the entire town saw her underwear. It's like she was finally set free to be who she really wants to be - a star who can't be held down by The Man - and she was going to capitalize on every possible opportunity to shine.

She saved her dancing for the last two performances, really letting loose on the "Ladybug in my Soda" finale. Let me say this about Punkin's dancing. She declared about a month ago that she wants to take dance lessons. While observing her "dance moves," The General declared that this was unnecessary as organized dance classes would just stifle her natural ability. This coming from the man who four days ago was flailing on a table in his underwear. I don't know if that gives you an accurate indication of her dancing ability, but I think you know where I'm going with this. Anyway, during tonight's concert the other students were animated to a degree but were not even in the same stratosphere as Punkin. Facial expressions, hand movements, and hip swaying were all perfectly timed to the lyrics and the beat. At one point I feared that her movements would leave a neighboring classmate with a black eye. The rock 'n roll "sign of the beast" hands to cap off the performance was just the icing on the cake.

But really and truly, this entertaining performance would not have been authentically Punkin without a little nose picking. Luckily, she didn't let us down. Digging for gold two knuckles deep with the treasures to prove it.

I am so proud.

(But seriously, OMG I love her. No one, and I mean NO ONE, makes me laugh like she does. Remind me of this when she's dancing around in her underwear and button down shirt in front of an audience in about 20 years.)


Parker said...

Did you happen to get this performance on video?

Tru Stories said...

From now on... I will plan on organizing and arranging a spot light girl and a video boy to record all of her future events, as well. Actually, maybe I should just use Team Money to hire some to just follow General and Punkin around, at all times.
Awesome Gene?? Check.

Cath said...

That's great! I could totally picture this performance as I was reading along. She's reminds me of my baby girl, who also has moves that I have no idea where they came from, but certainly make us laugh a lot.

Anonymous said...

Trust me....It happened just like the Mrs. wrote in this blog. FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY...she has her way of just
"cutting loose" . I am so glad I didn't miss it! Just wait till her first grade concert.

She was beautiful. Sparkles and all! Gramma Poke

Anonymous said...

Love it! My blonde son didn't quite have "all that" at his Christmas program, but he and Punkin together would leave us both speechless, I'm sure.

The Page Turner said...

Reading this made me laugh out loud! After seeing the General perform the other night, reading this was even more hilarious!


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